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carlos palacio is a digital artist focused on motion design and development. he has pioneered work for clients such as ted, the new york times, warner brothers, samsung, thomson reuters, mc donald's, target and google while working at new york's premiere digital agencies as a senior motion designer/developer as well as working in independent collaborations

carlos strives for unconventional ways to accomplish projects and implement solutions for his clients, this approach has helped him to discover new methods, techniques and styles that made his work stand out among others. originality, technologically challenging and attention to details are the core values of his work

born and raised in bogotá colombia, carlos moved to philadelphia to study multimedia and web design at the art institute soon after graduating with a ba in business administration in 2000. Later on he was granted a scholarship at the pratt institute in brooklyn ny and completed the mfa program in digital arts, where he received a nomination for the 2008 adobe design achievement awards and participated in the 2009 pratt show exhibition as well as the 2007 art of electronics exhibition at the brooklyn art and technology center LEMURplex

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