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Carmen Veronica Founder of ©Leopardlady Productions
BA Intermedia Arts Mills College with Honors

Bay Area free-lance Photographer, Videographer, Editor, Dancer, Musician, Filmmaker, Palm Reader, Bartender. Video element of WaxPoet[s] collective. Competitor on Pole America's Preliminary Pole Dance Competition 2014. Keyboard and back-up Vocalist in band Zack Bateman and the Graveyards (a.k.a. Whistlin Past the Graveyard).
Directed The Book of LIlith, a short zombie film premiering 2014 at Sistah Sinema Oakland and First Friday Shorts.


External Links

  • The Book of Lilith - Click to view trailer! 5 years after the zombie apocalypse, Lilith, the leader of a camp of survivors, explores the San Francisco Sutro Baths for hope, but finds tragedy.
  • Whistlin Past the Graveyard - I'm also a member of the Tom Waits, Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover band Whistlin' Past the Graveyard! Check us out on Facebook and SoundCloud. Playing at Yoshi's Oakland October 15th 2014
  • Wax Poet[s] - Contributing videographer for the Wax Poet[s] artist collective.


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