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If my eyes had a shutter and my brain a Flash card... well, I would be a happy bunny! ;)

I like making things, be it imagery, sculptures, photographs, visuals, or motion. My left hand is an ink plume, my right hand slowly more permanently connected to my camera, and my head constantly full of new ideas ready to bloom.

During the day I am a Senior Designer at Primal Pictures, specializing in animation, digital design, and interactivity for online medical educational tools.
By night, I am slowly becoming more than just a film maker "en-herbe". My weekends usually involve some form of photography or moving image.

Im always up for some fun and creative collaborations, so if you got any ideas you'd like to work on, dont hesitate to get in touch.

Come and say hello at
or drop me a line at
vimeo [at] carograph [dot] com

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