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Lessons My Sister Taught Me" Carol Jeans Cervical Cancer...
So it's no wonder research shows that cancer is the most feared disease in the world, and the most feared word in the English language. How could it not be? Dying a painful death, poisoned by chemotherapy, burned by radiation, cut open and having your cervix taken out, is not the way you want to go.
All she wanted was Gardasil, unfortunately for her it was too late.
Don't end up like my sister Carol Jean!
"Lesson's My Sister Taught Me", Carol Jean's Cervical Cancer is a powerful look at the painful trauma of a strong, young woman losing her life to cervical cancer. She touched many lives and was embraced by her native Oklahomans, including first and foremost, her family and friends, Governor of Oklahoma Mary Fallin, President of Oklahoma University David Boren, Dr. Joseph Ferretti, Provost of OU Health and Science Ctr, Mayor Mick Cornett and Sheriff John Wetsel of OKC. Thank you all.
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  • "Lessons M Sister Taught Me", Ca - "Lesson's My Sister Taught Me," Carol Jeans Cervical Cancer, A grueling true story you can't ignore. Heroic Warrior, Carol Jean, goes head to head with cervical cancer but is losing her battle. What if it were you? What are you gonna do