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Providence, Rhode Island

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Carolyn is a Senior at the Rhode Island School of Design majoring in Film/Animation/Video, and minoring in Politics and Policy at Brown University.

She is seeking a career in live action film and television production with a particular interest in screenwriting and directing for documentary and narrative based filmmaking. Her short-term goal is to work for a production studio or an independent film company specializing in feature films, foreign films, as well as set and make-up design.

Her film and screenwriting work often explores the psychological impact of dysfunctional family dynamics on young children and adolescents. Her video work focuses on the idea of "video as therapy" through personal documentaries and explores the genesis of fear and self doubt, and how this impacts our interpersonal relationships. Using a variety of techniques, her animation work for the past two years has been centered around the development of two characters: a pug named Pugsley and his owner an old man named Ed.

Also a classically trained pianist. Performed at Carnegie Hall at age 12.

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