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  1. Carsey-Wolf Center

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  2. Script to Screen

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    The Script to Screen series examines screenwriting and how the screenplay is translated into film. In the series, guest writers reveal their creative storytelling process, actors discuss how they…

  3. Pollock Theater

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    The Pollock Theater is dedicated to year-round programming of a diverse array of films and filmmakers from across the country and the world. A classroom by day and a public theater at night, the theater…

  4. Media Industries Project

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    The Media Industries Project (MIP) examines the rapid and dramatic changes affecting media industries worldwide. At a time of tremendous uncertainty, MIP offers a unique forum for bringing together…

  5. GreenScreen Student Videos

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    GreenScreen is an environmental media program that brings together students in the arts, humanities, social sciences & sciences. Part of the Carsey-Wolf Center's Environmental Media Initiative,…

  6. Blue Horizons

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    This channel features videos produced by students in UC Santa Barbara's Blue Horizons Program for Environmental Media This 9-week summer program brings together students interested in digital…

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