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Thank you for watching The Cassady Bourbon Show. This is REAL reality TV! I am submissive. I like to masturbate. Like what your see? Show me some love. :) Your contributions keep this project afloat.

These videos are part of an ongoing project.

I am an exhibitionist and a sex addict, I am enjoying making these clips, and hope that i am reaching others who struggle with similar issues.

Instead of acting out on impulses in my daily life, I have a safe, no-contact outlet at home. I appreciate your feedback and support.

I am not ashamed of nudity or masturbation, and do not find either of these activities (as shown on my show) to be pornographic. Perhaps it is time for us to reevaluate our notion of what type of content is gratuitous and what type of content is simply honest.

I am not a pornographer, i am a sex addict reaching out to the community around me. Stay tuned.

This is the project that started it all:

I am @CassadyBourbon on twitter if you want to link up there.

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