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For over 15 years Cassandra Nelson has worked in a variety of leadership roles in media and communications. Currently, Ms. Nelson is Director of Multimedia and Spokesperson for Mercy Corps, an international humanitarian organization. She has spent the past 7 years on overseas assignments living in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. She has a unique combination of skills and expertise including storytelling (video/writing/photo), a professional on-camera television presence, and proven expedition skills in hotspots around the world.

In her current role, Ms. Nelson is responsible for developing and implementing multimedia projects to advocate on behalf of vulnerable communities around the world and increase Mercy Corps’ visibility. Her core responsibilities include acting as spokesperson, producing video documentaries of humanitarian crisis, and contributing articles and photographs to various publications.

Prior to joining Mercy Corps, Ms Nelson worked as a freelance photo/journalist covering the war in Afghanistan for media companies including NBC, BBC, Scholastic and the European Broadcast Union. When the war ended, she started her own NGO in eastern Afghanistan to rebuild schools and lived in Jalalabad.

Previously, Ms. Nelson served as Editor-in-Chief for PHYS, a Conde Nast Publications website. Earlier in her career she was Editor for SELF Magazine, another Conde Nast publication.

Ms. Nelson served as Vice President at Merrill Lynch in New York City, where she oversaw the design and development of the firm’s first global intranet website. She was also a Principal Consultant in the Media and Entertainment Group at Price Waterhouse. In this capacity she oversaw the development of communication and media concepts for clients that included MCA/Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures and Microsoft.

Ms. Nelson spends most of her time traveling the world to cover humanitarian issues. Recent deployments include Syria, Mogadishu, Libya, Egypt, Haiti, DR Congo, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Darfur, South Sudan, Aceh, Indonesia, Liberia, Mongolia and North Korea.

She received a B.A. from Stanford University and a Masters in Communications from the University of California.

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