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  1. 55:37

    Patric Catani / Candie Hank Live

    by Patric Catani

    4 Videos

    Entertainimal Patric Catani and Candie Hank clips from live concerts.

  2. 07:38

    Patric Catani

    by Patric Catani

    7 Videos

    Patric Catani does several music projects that represent different genres of electronic music from raw Electro Bounce to Soundtrack oriented, cartoonish Rap, Sound Art and futuristic 8bit Cumbia Swing. http://www.patric-catani.com

  3. 12:30

    Candie Hank

    by Patric Catani

    6 Videos

    Candie Hank is a creation of Patric Catani - Candie Hank takes the freedom to combine the many Catani music styles into one video live performance.

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