Catarina Picciochi

Lisbon, Portugal

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Catarina Picciochi is part of a transdisciplinary framework, integrating performing arts, architecture and video. PhD student in Arts (U.L.-Universidade de Lisboa), bachelor in Architecture (U.T.L.-Universidade Técnica de Lisboa), develops her work around the theme of Identity and Memory.
Transdisciplinary creator, born in Lisbon, where she graduated in the Faculty of Architecture - Technical University of Lisbon, Catarina Picciochi has been integrating several architecture offices since then. Apart from architecture, her interest and graduation in dance lead her to the performing arts area, starting in 2006 a partnership with the choreographer and dancer Antonio Tavares, from where resulted various pieces such as "Il Abandonno al Tempo" Vanzilverpapier Company (Belgium), "Crioulo" Opera (CCB, Portugal) and Jus Solis (CCB, Portugal). Currently she’s attending a PhD in Performing Arts and Moving Image, at the University of Lisbon.


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