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  1. Made by Hands

    by Ruslan Golenkov joined

    121 Videos / 96 Members

  2. Animated toys and puppets

    by A boy with glasses joined

    625 Videos / 232 Members

    As a kid you would always imagine the teddy bear could actually speak, or the little tin soldiers could actually engage in a mini-scale war, or that robots and stuffed animals could interact peacefully. Whatever…

  3. Planet Earth in HD

    by TKTODD joined

    13.5K Videos / 4,265 Members

    This is a group for HD videos related to nature, weather, wildlife, oceans, mountains and landscapes on Planet Earth.

  4. Travel Videos

    by Matt Stabile joined

    14.7K Videos / 3,564 Members

    Explore the best travel videos from around the world. I also frequently feature videos from here at the www.TheExpeditioner.com. If you have a video that you would like me to consider to feature…

  5. For a child

    by Paolo Tonon joined

    418 Videos / 79 Members

    A gallery of video suited for entertainment of children form 0 to 6 years old. I made to collect footages for my daughter ( 2 years old)

  6. EduTicTac

    by Daniel Turienzo Nieto joined

    701 Videos / 19 Members

    Grup de vídeos de la Comunitat EduTicTac

  7. +Animation+

    by Diego Cruz joined

    23K Videos / 4,959 Members

    The Best Videos of last year! Special Thanks http://iwucha.com

  8. Character Animation

    by Yelenloud joined

    8,479 Videos / 2,921 Members

    This group is for all things involving character animation. I'm interested in seeing various styles and media including stop motion, traditional, After Effects, Flash animation, etc. I want to…

  9. animació catalana

    by animació catalana joined

    212 Videos / 17 Members

    animació catalana independent feta des de Catalunya.

  10. Vídeos en Català

    by Zalom joined

    830 Videos / 87 Members

    En aquesta pàgina volem donar cabuda a tot els treballs que utilitzen el català a les seues gravacions. No importa el tipus de film, musical, documental, video-creació, etc.

  11. Inspirational

    by François Mathey joined

    75.7K Videos / 19.7K Members

    Creative and short visual entertainment. Web: http://1nspirational.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1nspirational Channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/1nspirational PLEASE DON'T…

  12. Videos for Teachers

    by Abrazi Zoe joined

    3,360 Videos / 242 Members

    Group of Teachers that are interested in video editing or use for educational purposes

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