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Each month the "Catch of the Month" is picked as the best new sound, hit potential song or most promising upcoming artist, from vinyl that has been released that month. The COTM can mostly be found in the (sub)categories of house, trance, progressive or techno and also isn't afraid to go beyond these borders.

Leo Leandro (Leander Noordermeer) is the founder of the "Catch of the Month" ( The idea for a track being picked as the biggest one that month was a result of a blog Leo Leandro wrote in early 2008. In this blog he discussed the latest musical releases he bought that month.

The very first COTM is hold by 'Carlo Resoort - You Are My Dream' and was announced in November 2008. Just before that Leo Leandro was asked by the founders of the radio show The Groove ( if he would like to announce the COTM on Dutch radio. He accepted this offer, got its own monthly item during the show and so the first COTM was locally broadcasted on the radio. The COTM is announced every month this way since then.

Also brand new, unreleased and upcoming music on vinyl can be found on this page. These records are spotted by Leo Leandro and become or will become massive tunes in the clubs or in the world wide music charts, or can only be found here.

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