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  1. Henry "Hendo" Pearlstein

    by James Childers

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    Project Art Productions Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/projectartproductions Fatdroid: http://www.fatdroid.com/ Lightning in a Bottle: http://lightninginabottle.org/ Producer: James…

  2. FAV

    by Furqan Muhammad

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  3. VI ER NES.

    by Puerto Maria

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  4. The Jazz Poetry Ensemble

    by Michael Vander Does

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    Make Jazz, Not War!

  5. Kate Schulte Foundation

    by Michael Vander Does

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    Art for Justice. The Kate Schulte Foundation celebrates the life of Kate Schulte, her commitment to social justice, and her love of music. Learn more at http://www.kateschultefoundation.org.


    by 52BLEND

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    Giovanni Solis is a filmmaker and photographer. Born in 1989 in Los Angeles's sprawling San Fernando Valley, Giovanni quickly found his passion for filmmaking at the age of 15 and hasn't…

  7. Tommy Lawson

    by Tommy Lawson

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    Thanks for stopping by... I hope you enjoy listening and watching as much as I have enjoyed these jamming sessions at home with friends and family. “beer quenches your thirst and music feeds…

  8. HypnoΔ

    by Umut Gül

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  9. My Music Channel..


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    This is a CHANNEL that Letty Parra loves to dance to , to watch, or to listen to...

  10. Jennifer Channel

    by Jennifer Brlek Stojanovski

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    Beautiful Me

  11. Muhammad Adeel Arif

    by Wafa Malik

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  12. Behind-the-Scenes Clips and Interviews

    by Guerilla Opera

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    Behind-the-Scenes and clips from previews, as well as interviews with composers and other artists.