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  1. Industrial Bolting Solutions

    by rapidtorc

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    People holding industrial Business, Small scale industry, Auto industry, Mechanical Industry, Machinery Products..... can join this group

  2. Apps

    by Opulent Computing

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  3. showmethemoney


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    here's the web site http://show-me-the-money.ws

  4. Start up businesses

    by derek

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    Are you just thinking about or have just started your own business ? We wil share experiences and skills to help answer any questions or concerns you might have. It can be terrorfying to go it alone,…

  5. Looking for Missing Videographer

    by Nora Light

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    On January 5, 2007, my husband and I married at the Spanish Monastery in Miami, FL. Unfortunately, we went through a terrible company/person to be our DJ (Parameters Entertainment). We also paid Eddie…

  6. Product Design

    by Mario

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    Product and Industrial design around the world

  7. CarbFree Library

    by carbonfone

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    CarbFree Library is a collection of libs that allows you to starts an iOS project with startup code to increase your project development speed. Most of the time in iOS development the programmers…


    by shadoe Stevens

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    For people who are paralyzed or have lost the use of their bodies due to disease or accidents, this is a life-changing new product, a miraculous wheel chair that stands up. In this Group, engineer/inventor…

  9. Gateway Freedom

    by Michael

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    Invite as many friends you can. We reach 10.000 members. Ad this aplication to our page. You will be a top Marketer and earner. we are still on pre launch. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SEO AUTO SEO Expert…

  10. Home AV

    by Ian Harris

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    TV installations, home cinema installations and TV wall mounting.