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  1. Rust In Peace

    by Luis Soares

    3,733 Videos / 406 Followers

    All shit about VW / Audi...

  2. Deluxe Bmx Trails TV

    by Deluxe BMX

    241 Videos / 400 Followers

    Videos from Deluxe Bmx and related videos featuring our team riders, friends or the best of the international trails scene.


    by DBF

    1,908 Videos / 399 Followers

    FIXED GEAR, SKATE, ART, ADS. AND COOL STUFF FOLLOW ME ON http://dawnofbw.tumblr.com/

  4. Urban Cycle Chic

    by Finn

    9 Videos / 392 Followers

    Urban bike fashion & cycle chic : sustainable city transport. Fix it, bling it, pimp your ride | urbancyclechic.com

  5. flatland

    by josh duffek

    6,249 Videos / 390 Followers

    freestyle / flatland bmx videos

  6. strapless kitesurfing

    by omer simpson

    989 Videos / 384 Followers

    all about strapless kitesurfing

  7. e10 Pitches

    by Benjamin L Eaton

    1,114 Videos / 384 Followers

  8. Expedition Dispatches

    by renan ozturk

    33 Videos / 384 Followers

    Creative shorts cut on the fly and uploaded from remote location. Whole editing system often run off solar and send via satellite modem from himalaya. If you check them out in order they tell the…

  9. freeskiers.net channel

    by Flo Hoelzl

    2,694 Videos / 375 Followers

    JUST THE BEST EDITS AND SHOTS! Send us a message if you want to see your video in here. Pic: http://www.newschoolers.com/ns/members/profile/member_id/98721/

  10. Fixed

    by Keiichi Hasegawa

    273 Videos / 366 Followers

    Movie of Fixed Gear. Quote from video lists of riders.

  11. Social Slammer

    by lastjedigone

    3,970 Videos / 366 Followers

    The best in slammed/ stance / OEM +/ JDM/ Euro/ air-cooled/ water-cooled/ oldschool ETC. No Credit Taken.

  12. Fixed Gear

    by Carlos Hernandez

    9,455 Videos / 348 Followers

    Anything and Everything Fixed Gear Bike related.