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  1. Multicopters

    by Aerialshots

    2,951 Videos / 664 Members

    A group dedicated to multirotor enthusiasts! Also check out our RC Forum on http://www.rcmodelforum.com It's all about sharing our hobby!

  2. Studio Lighting Professional

    by David Maitland

    450 Videos / 656 Members

    This group is for all who are interested in studio lighting. For both flash and continuous lighting.

  3. Game Developers

    by marshmonkey

    806 Videos / 649 Members

    A group for game developers who use Vimeo.

  4. Creativepool

    by Creativepool

    1,303 Videos / 615 Members

    Creativepool is all about the work. We are an industry network for companies and individuals to showcase their creativity and connect through the work they produce. The Creativepool Group is…

  5. Physical Computing

    by Tangible Interaction

    743 Videos / 605 Members

    In the broadest sense, means building interactive physical systems by the use of software and HARDWARE that can sense and respond to the analog world. Please just add videos that meet this criteria. Also…

  6. UI Designers

    by KTdesigner

    552 Videos / 559 Members

    Share links, info, inspiration etc on User Interface Design or anything design related.

  7. Mac Tips

    by Simon Thomson (Digisim)

    125 Videos / 507 Members

    This group has been setup as a resource for people to share their Apple Mac tips. This could be anything from using Apple's iLife & Pro Applications to replacing hard drives in laptops. If…

  8. Cameras and Medias Tests

    by Italo Valerio

    1,633 Videos / 489 Members

    _ Here we show tests of all cameras, lens, lights, filters, upload photos and comments. The space to video and cinema professionals called by me "brush´er of pixels" _ Aqui nós…

  9. Mikrokopter

    by Ingo Eberhardt

    2,190 Videos / 477 Members

    More at http://www.mikrokopter.com/ Quadrokopter, Hexakopter, Oktokopter. Nur für Mikrokopter Videos! Only for Mikrokopter videos! Please do not upload videos with foreign plattforms,…


    by Arnold Marko

    1,342 Videos / 462 Members

    A group dedicated to all kind of scientific stuff (chemistry, physics, technology, experiments, ...)

  11. iMovie Vimeo Group

    by Dave Day

    1,104 Videos / 456 Members

    A place to showcase your iMovie projects. Be creative and share your examples of what can be achieved by using this fantastic piece of software. Be inspired by other iMovie users and share your tips,…

  12. DJI Phantom

    by Arthur Steinhauser

    884 Videos / 451 Members

    Here you can share your DJI Phantom flights with all other users over the world! The aim is it to combine all flights together and share the experiences.