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  1. 5X5 Fanatics

    by Maria Bowskill

    754 Videos / 261 Members

    Do you like your 5X5's, then lets see them.

  2. Time Lapse Videos

    by Cédric Sütterlin

    417 Videos / 190 Members

    Some time lapse videos

  3. Made with BlackMagic

    by casey mcbride

    257 Videos / 161 Members

    This is a group dedicated to videos that have been made with the Black Magic Cinema Camera, Pocket Camera and 4K Production Camera.

  4. EAT: The Story of Food

    by The Film Artist

    78 Videos / 137 Members

    A National Geographic producer contacted me last week regarding a 6 part series their team is making. They wanted to use some of my work, she also had other requirements so I advised her that some…

  5. Stop motion

    by Geneva Gang

    211 Videos / 124 Members

    For all sorts of stop motion videos using creative means

  6. The Naked Truth 2

    by daulton gordon

    90 Videos / 113 Members

    I Have Discovered , A Variety Of Videos In my Groups,. That Are Unique, They will be placed here!! All member are Moderators this group is self moderated , This is an experiment, in vision…

  7. MulticopterFilming

    by perishev

    191 Videos / 112 Members

    Group created to collect a quality and interesting video captured from aboard multicopters..

  8. What I Like About You

    by Matt Schwarz

    26 Videos / 110 Members

    Make a video about 5 Vimeo users. Say what you like about them, show them the love. Then when your done, credit them and let them know they should return the favor. If your chosen, please make…

  9. CAU

    by victor castells

    274 Videos / 104 Members

    Videos dels alumnes de Cultura Audiovisual de l'IES Llucmajor.

  10. sensuality

    by Maxim Timokhin

    16 Videos / 104 Members