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New Forest, Hampshire

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NEWS: New group launched for SONY MiniDV & DVCAM users ...

I'm a Freelance Videographer and Digital Marketing Specialist based in the New Forest. My partner and I run also run Catchup Media - the home of great radio, quality audio visual production and event coverage.

I'm also Managing Editor for New Forest Community Media CIC and specialise in capturing news and events on film. I also maintain the web sites for the organisation.

My current equipment consists of:


ACCS: Rode Stereo VideoMic (SVM plus Pistol Grip/Extension Cable), Manfrotto 144 tripod and 128LP fluid head with a 438 leveller and 357 quick release

NLE: iMovie and WMM

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  • ten79 - Freelance Social Media Consultancy & Audio Visual Productions


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