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The roots of the Zwyer family go back to the early days of Astrakhan, a city that has been named the “Pearl of the Caspian" in ancient times. The Mongol invasion into the heart of Europe during the 13th century is also known as the “Tatar invasion”. That’s how it is believed that the first Zwyers –members of the Golden Horde - found their way into the heart of Switzerland where the family has been living for over 7 centuries. ZwyerCaviar LLC. is an independently owned enterprise. The innovative caviar company is determined to succeed and differentiate its brand in the highly competitive luxury food market in Switzerland and across Europe. ZwyerCaviar's brand is led by sustainability, social and ecological responsibility. Only the finest ingredients are used for production, such as mineral water from the Patagonian Andes and Flor de Sal from the Algarve, a novelty in the production of black ossetra caviar.

The Premium Caviar
ZwyerCaviar's farm raised, hand processed Ossetra Malossol (“slightly salted”) caviar is noted for its gastronomic excellence, equal only to the best from the Caspian Sea. ZwyerCaviar’s large sized Ossetra comes exclusively from the Russian and its sister sturgeon the Siberian sturgeon. Each fish is inspected graded and hand selected to exclusively produce ZwyerCaviar. The roe is collected at its absolute peak of size, flavor, color and texture, when the sturgeons a+A1re at their most mature state. The caviar brand can assure its aficionados a very detailed traceability from the point of sale all the way back to the origin of our sturgeons.
Eco responsible farm raised caviar has finally become an excellent alternative to the caviar caught in the wild. After decades of research and development caviar from Uruguay is noted for its gastronomic excellence, equal only to the best caviar from the Caspian Sea. ZwyerCaviar has been exclusively produced for the Swiss market by an authorized and accredited producer under the international CITES laws and regulations, and in accordance with the European Union (PP34), US Fish and Wildlife regulatory commission (HACCP), Japan and many other regulations.

The Future of caviar
Responsible aqua farming allows more stable climate and environmental control. The sturgeons - originally from the Caspian Region - are raised in the ideal but yet untouched ecosystem of the Rio Negro. Far away from civilization deep in the heart of Uruguay, where they encounter nothing less but perfect natural conditions for a wealthy and controlled habitat. The aquafarm, hundreds of kilometers north of Montevideo, was created with the help of Russian biology experts and is said to be based on secret Russian satellite images pointing to the best sturgeon farming location in the world. It is the first and only aqua farm of its kind in the entire southern hemisphere.

Where to buy
To order, please visit our websites and or call us at +41713334000 to schedule an appointment.

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