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Can Buyukberber is an Istanbul based independent visual artist & director specializing in digital visual arts, motion graphics design and live audio/visual performance. Born in 1987, İzmir, Turkey. Studied Physics and Visual Communication Design. His projects recognized internationally by prestigious design platforms such as Stash Magazine, Motionographer, Fubiz and Behance. Experienced in working with large post-production teams as a digital compositing artist and motion graphics designer for feature films, commercials and music videos. He constantly searches for new ideas and collaborations to push the boundaries of creative expression using technology in innovative ways.


  1. Muff Wiggler
  2. Charles De Meyer
  3. Ben Ridgway
  4. Vessel Studios
  5. International Motion Festival
  6. Andy Thomas
  7. Colossal
  8. Dalmiro Buigues
  9. Felix Deimann
  10. JoeRogan
  11. Martin Stebbing
  12. Nathaniel Rackowe
  13. Emrah Gonulkirmaz
  14. Serkan Ertekin
  15. Barbican Centre
  16. Mimi Son
  17. Rebeca Méndez
  18. jason white

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