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    Film Workshop

    by Center for Documentary Studies

    3 Videos

    "In My Mind" is a new film from the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) at Duke University documenting Jason Moran and the Big Bandwagon’s 2009 original interpretation of Thelonious…

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    CDS Continuing Education: Anytown, USA—Smithfield

    by Center for Documentary Studies

    7 Videos

    Anytown, USA is a documentary video production and editing class at the Center for Documentary Studies, in which students produce and edit a short documentary video on a topic of choice related to…

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    CDS Continuing Education: Certificate Projects Spring 2011

    by Center for Documentary Studies

    6 Videos

    Read more about the spring 2011 Certificate in Documentary Arts graduates at http://www.cdsporch.org/archives/6828 Learn more about the Continuing Education program at CDS at http://cds.aas.duke.edu/courses/conted.html

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    Documenting Medicine

    by Center for Documentary Studies

    6 Videos

    In 2010, the Duke Graduate Medical Education Innovation Fund provided seed funding to pilot Documenting Medicine, which pairs Duke physician residents and fellows with documentarians at Duke’s…

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