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Cecilia Donaggio Luzzatto-Fegiz*, multimedia designer and visual artist,
she graduated in Stage-design at Beau Art’s Academy of Rome , then specialized in Computer-graphics and Lighting for Motion-Pictures &Television at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles).
Videographics in Milan, Rome and Naples for UVC, CHANNEL 5, RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3.
She has always been dedicated to artistic research, deepening knowledge of new media, exposing in Rome and Trieste in personal and collective exhibitions. In 2006 she organized the exhibition "4:3 TRANSIT/ TRIESTE - between painting and digital" retecivica.trieste.it/new/vis_articolo.asp?pagina=-&link=262&tipo=articoli_eventi&ids=13 at the State Library Trieste, where she presented works of video-art including "Third Area", "La casa di Asterione", which have been selected by several video’s festival. The video "Linguaggio macchina" was published in 2008, in the compilation "Rosa Napoletano 2" (Tam Tam edition).
Since 1997 lives in Trieste and, as a freelancer, creates graphic projects, video and visual set. She is involved in several education and communication projects, developing innovative media in the social field: Consultant for the Public Health Department and various Associations. She prepares and organizes exhibitions and events, like on the World AIDS Day 2012: "HIV +-= more or less positive" (International Visual Art exhibitions). As consultant of Cooperativa Duemilauno Agenzia Sociale, she is the coordinator of Multimedia Laboratory “HeadMadeLab”, 2001agsoc.it/headmadelab.asp, responsible for the layout of the review "Sconfinamenti" 2001agsoc.it/sconfinamenti.asp. She’s engaged in the multimedia project, co-financed by Region FVG, "Città Viola" at the Tolmezzo’s High Security Prison.
At the conference "La Carica delle Centoeuno" lacaricadellecentoeuno.it/ (Trieste/Pordenone 2011/13) she presented her video on the status of women in Italy. As draftsman was invited to high education workshops (University of Trieste, MIB School of Management).
She has various partnership with musicians, architects and artists: created the music video for the song "Patois" of the saxophonist Marco Castelli marcocastelli.org with him, also, performs Visual-set. For the Study Kacic/Liden Landscape Architects kacicliden.com she realized graphics 2D and the video "Slimelight is coming" and, with this team, wins the contest “San Giovanni – Parco Culturale Evoluto 2012.” promoted by Province of Trieste. For ell(E)gi Workshop of Architecture ellegiarchitecture.it/, she produced the time-lapse video “CityTimesLine”, presented in 2013 during the exhibition “HIC SUNT LEONES the new teritories of the mapping” at the art gallery DoubleRoom Trieste doubleroomtrieste.wordpress.com/ .
Since 2010, belongs to the Gruppo78 international contemporary art trieste gruppo78.it/index.php?gruppo78 partecipating at the projects: "The Radiant City"; International Festival of Video Art "CATODICA"; visual set for "URSUS Multimedia Project" (Molo 4 Trieste); video-performances “URSUSREWIND” (Teatro Miela-TS) and “URSUS GO(od) BY(e)” (Magazzino 26 Biennale diffusa FVG) fvgnews.net/view.php?t=n&k=8407 ; Presidio Ferroviario : intallation “Domani Parto (..)”.
In 2012 she founded the company V_ArT multimedia design.
MARNERO, the installation (painting/video/performance) created specifically for the Art International Bridge Italia-Messico: is actually exposed in Oaxaca.

*Senior Member of AIAP (associazione italiana design della comunicazione visiva)


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