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I am an electric violinist based in Istanbul. My performances are available for worldwide events, weddings, festivals, luxury partys, concerts, meetings and organizations. My electric violin show has different formats of style and timing, also it could be designed as weddings, event's & client's needs.

I play live on my own arranged backing tracks (covers of classical/rock/pop/jazz/electronic songs) I also can play improvisations on any kind of music if asked. I have special designed custom made electric violins (such as swarovski plated violin, transperant violin with flash lights, and more). My stage costumes are all designers made hot coutre dresses. My microphone system is wireless so I am always avaliable to make my free moves on stage and also outside of stage. My general style could be explained as: impressive, different, noble, entertaining, energetic.

Some of my referances & clients are: Honda, Avon, Lancome, Toyota, Harley-Davidson, IBM, HP, Ariston, Intel, Indesit, Philips, Isuzu, Jack Daniels, Rixos, Sheraton, Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Phillip Morris, Discovery Channel Networks, Four Seasons, Marriott, International Yacht Expo, International Autoshow, International Electronics Show, International Boat Show and more... I've been in United States, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria before & in 2010 I've play on stage with Vanessa Mae in Chechenia. I made my violin performance in Prince's wedding at Bosphorus / Ciragan Palace in 2011.

If you'd like to see my performances, music videos, photos & read more about me; please visit:

official youtube channel: youtube.com/CerenAksan

official facebook page: facebook.com/CerenAksanViolinist

official website: cerenaksan.com

official twitter: twitter.com/CerenAksan

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