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His works include animation techniques with Puppets, Sand, objects, humans and 2D drawings.
He started in 1994 as a 2D animator in Madrid. He is now specializes in Stop motion animation.
He has worked in more than 40 cartoon series for TV, and several stop motion feature Films:

-ANOMALISA (Charlie Kaufman,Starburns Industries, USA) 2013-14
-SOLAN and LUDVIG (Qvisten Animation, Norway) 2013
-PARANORMAN. (Laika, USA) Stop motion-2012
-FRANKENWEENIE, by Tim Burton,(Walt Disney) Stop Motion-2011
-THE FLYING MACHINE (Breakthru Films, UK-Poland), Stop motion-2010
-O APOSTOLO / The Apostle (Artefacto productions, Spain) Stop motion-2009-2010.
-FAMOUS FRED, by Joanna Quinn 1997. 2D.
- CID the Legend (Filmax animation, Spain) 2004. 2D
-El sueño de una noche de San Juan (Digra Films,Spain) 2005. 3D

From 2002 began working as a Director and animator in independent stop motion short films with Puppets, sand, and objects.


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