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CESURALAB is a photographer’s collective aiming to create an online community for artists to share their projects. The name is inspired by Cesura, a small Italian village where Magnum photographer Alex Majoli started a photographer’s collective years ago, and where the concept for the collective was born. CESURALAB is also roughly translated to mean “cut-off lab,” meant to evoke a separation—or a departure—from traditional modes of photography, and the conservative nature of the art world. At its core, the collective is bound together by a fundamental passion for photography, and through CESURALAB, participating artists will be able to join forces and work creatively and collaboratively on a variety of visual projects without the constraints of commercial pressures and compromises. Photographers in the collective routinely work closely with one another, constructing a creative cohesion that allows for skill sharing, constructive criticism and artistic growth for members. The space and equipment offered through CESURALAB also allows photographers to be independent, providing them the tools and resources to pursue individual, partner and group projects.

CESURALAB is not affiliated with other journalistic or artistic organizations. Instead it exists as its own entity, affording members the opportunity to explore, experiment and grow creatively, artistically and collaboratively, as both individual artists and collective members. The diversity of style and content of CESURALAB projects are endless, and the only limitation is the creativity of its members.

The group uses different forms of expression to show and promote their work, including photography exhibitions, video installations and self-published publications.


P +39 05 23997198
M +39 340 2468808
M +39 349 3239288

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