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  1. Independent Filmmakers

    by Brian Chambers Productions

    58.1K Videos / 16.9K Members

    This group is designed to showcase and promote any independent features, shorts, trailers, tests etc.

  2. GoPro Videos

    by Matt Burton

    11.1K Videos / 3,771 Members

    User created GoPro community.

  3. bicycle lovers

    by 3d60

    9,982 Videos / 3,040 Members

    Freedom, exercise, travel and connivence.... all in one easy to use and maintain package.... bikes are fab, join us in an odyssey or passion for bikes, cycles, velocipedes whatever you call em...…

  4. Sony Vegas

    by Underground Planet

    8,001 Videos / 1,748 Members

    Please state in either the description or tags of the video's you add here that the video was edited in Sony Vegas. Feel free to post just about anything that was created in Sony Vegas. Do keep…

  5. GoPro Hero

    by kleen dirt

    7,792 Videos / 2,566 Members

    a group for all gopro camera users to post and share

  6. VeloVimeo

    by Soxiam

    7,604 Videos / 2,069 Members

    bicycle and cycling related videos on Vimeo. Let me know if you want to become a moderator.

  7. Bikecams

    by stml

    1,755 Videos / 469 Members

    Bike + camera - what have you got? A group for bike-mounted cameras of all kinds. Let's experiment.

  8. Riding the distance.

    by Damon Peacock

    155 Videos / 159 Members

    This group is about long distance cycling. A difficult concept to define, but this is not a touring site. What I'm thinking about is rising to a clearly defined challenge. You know what you got…

  9. This Cycle Life

    by Amsterdamize

    112 Videos / 13 Members

  10. Quick Tüts

    by Andrea Allen

    63 Videos / 682 Members

    Quick Tüts (pronounced toots) is a group dedicated to short, instructional videos showing how to use everyday, readily-available items to aid in your filmmaking adventures.

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