1. kickstarter.com/projects/karmakaze/fox-clearing-an-adventure-documentary-film

    Fox Clearing is a feature length documentary that follows adventure photographer Patrick Semales' road trip into the great white north of Canada to photograph the Aurora Borealis. Patrick will drop everything and escape his 9-5 work life to seek out adventure and mystery.

    Follow our kickstarter project to learn how you can pre-order the film and get involved with the road trip.

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  2. In a culture immersed in technology, Instagram is reviving adventure, face to face community and real relationships. How can something so digital get people out from behind their devices and into the analog world?

    In association with technopaul productions
    Directed by Paul Tellefsen
    Featuring Kyle Steed, Brenton Little, & Allison Anderson
    Cinematography by Paul Tellefsen
    Original Score written and performed by Tyler Linahan
    Intro Score written and performed by Chase Burnett
    Created with the help of the Instagram community.

    read more about this documentary instagramis.com

    If you like this film, please consider using the tip jar, proceeds will go towards the next project...

    TPPRO: technopaulproductions.com | Paul: instagram.com/technopaul | Kyle: instagram.com/kylesteed |
    Brenton: instagram.com/brenton_clarke | Allison: instagram.com/allistrange | Tyler: tylerlinahan.com | Chase: chasse.bandcamp.com

    COMING SOON: The Story Behind Instagram Is | An Interview with Paul Tellefsen

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  3. Myanmar Emerges is a year-long GlobalPost investigation into challenges facing Myanmar's nascent democracy. Part Two of the series, Oppression Economics, highlights economic challenges in Myanmar's grand experiment with liberalization.

    Breadwinners follows the lives of working children in Myanmar. Experts say over one third of Burmese children work, ranking the country amongst the worst in the world for child labor. In Myanmar, child labor is not a minor social blight. Instead, it is a pillar of the economy. And and at this unique moment in the nation’s history, that economy is set to explode.

    To learn more about Myanmar Emerges visit globalpost.com/globalpost-myanmar-emerges

    Myanmar Emerges Documentary
    • Promise and Peril: vimeo.com/82404496
    • Behind the Scenes: vimeo.com/82571089

    Myanmar Emerges — Part Three: Opium War
    • Heroin State: vimeo.com/82385407

    Myanmar Emerges — Part Two: Oppression Economics
    • Breadwinners: vimeo.com/74010831
    • Forsaken: vimeo.com/74007636
    • Mock Stars vimeo.com/74003695

    Myanmar Emerges — Part One: The People vs. The Power
    • Poisoned Hope vimeo.com/64736859
    • Dreams to Dust vimeo.com/64745407
    • Resource Righteousness vimeo.com/64738284
    • We Never Agree vimeo.com/64643317

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  4. When we set out to make this short, our intention simply was to observe the phenomenon of fashion bloggers and street style stars. As we started to review the footage, two salient trends became apparent: fashion editors frustrated by the ensuing commotion outside of shows, and the rise of "peacocking" street style stars as a result of the proliferation of blogs. This film examines these themes from both perspectives.

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  5. Hello World! Processing is a documentary on creative coding that explores the role that ideas such as process, experimentation and algorithm play in this creative field featuring artists, designers and code enthusiasts. Based on a series of interviews to some of the leading figures of the Processing open programming platform community, the documentary is built itself as a continuous stream of archived references, projects and concepts shared by this community.

    It is the first chapter of a documentary series on three programming languages -Processing, Open Frameworks y Pure data- that have increased the role of coding in the practice of artists, designers and creators around the world.

    The series explores the creative possibilities expanded by these open source tools and the importance of their growing online communities.

    See more information at hello-world.cc

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