1. Show notes with links: servicesphere.com/blog/2013/5/7/mentoring-ep-55.html

    Hosts: Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae, James Finister, Patrick Bolger

    Guests: Stuart Rance (HP), Daniel Billing, Kathryn Howard, Rebecca Beach (aka Gobby Midget), Kevin Parker (Serena), Rachel (Service Management Apprentice), Rosh Hosany, Richard Smith (Service Desk Manager, Aggregates) Alexandra Cornwell (Service Management Apprentice)

    Show notes:

    Recorded live at SITS13 day 1

    What have people enjoyed most so far at SITS13?

    Stuart: enjoyed Pat’s session

    Daniel: listening to Jeff Brooks

    Kathryn: sessions on listening to customer

    Key takeaway from Jeff Brooks: buy a SM toolset that matches the maturity you’re at, NOT your aspirational maturity

    Pat: good buzz, good content

    Kevin: evolution in thinking from customers

    Rosh: we’re on the money

    Bonus guests: Jeff Brooks, Gartner

    Good to see regional vendors

    Barclay’s guest: Richard, Service Desk Manager

    What is mentoring about? Guidance, not a traditional consultancy relationship, more future-proof to do the work yourself

    Preparing the next generation to do better, imparting knowledge learned through experience

    Taking care of the future. “Don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to catch his own fish”

    Stuart – runs a programme internal to HP up to 100 pairs at any time. It’s the lynchpin of knowledge management

    Many fail in early stages as it’s a relationship, have to match right. Those that go on beyond the first two or three meetings can last for years

    HP uses a mentoring agreement to set out expectations and time commitment etc

    Coaching is different – more telling someone how to do something, task orientated, mentoring is more about helping someone discover what they want to do then helping figure out next steps. BUT people have different definitions some say it’s the other way round.

    Apprentices – it’s important to be able to go to someone and ask lots of questions

    Mentoring is good for the mentor as well

    Experience of not having a mentor during first placement made it much harder to sort through all the information provided

    Rebecca Beach now works for Capita, but whilst at Hanover House she was unofficially a mentor to an apprentice

    Kevin: different kind of mentoring – the art of possible learning, step outside boundary, experiment.

    As a vendor you have to be prepared not to pander to customers, disagree and challenge them

    Scheme Kathryn is involved in is not for profit – mentors volunteer their time or sponsored

    Has social media world enhanced or diminished the need for mentors? Helps you meet people

    A show like SITS13 is so different if you know people there. Networking is important

    What happened to Prism? Set up couple of years ago supposed to be an extension of ISM. Mentoring was a big part of the model but it’s gone very quiet

    You don’t have to be labelled a mentor in order to mentor someone

    Don’t be afraid to ask someone to mentor you

    If your company offers it make sure it’s publicised and employees know it’s available

    IT Governance: ITIL foundation course now being done in 2 days

    What’s the purpose of the course? The question of its value is a whole other debate.

    Exam system is so cost focused everyone’s forgotten what it’s there for

    Capita recently announced they’ve bought G2G3 (training company that uses simulations) learning about processes by doing. Most simulations not sold by them they’re used by other companies.

    Rumours about the sale of ITIL… might be hearing very soon

    LeadIT13 - national itsmf Australia conference in Canberra in August. #LeadIT Key notes from Chris Dancy and Rob England. Partnering with HelpDesk Australia. Programme is out itsmf.org.au

    Next podcast will be a review of the show

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  2. Show notes with links: servicesphere.com/blog/2013/4/22/has-itsm-lost-its-mojo-itsmprow-episode-54-part-2.html

    Hosts: Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae
    Following on from Part 1 talking about whether ITSM has lost its mojo (and giving analysts a hard time)
    Barclay fed up with the negativity and hype about everything being ‘dead’
    Got to find new stuff and practical applications for the things we’ve already got
    David Cannon move to Forrester
    Consultant spends time with limited number of real organisations in depth whereas analysts have a broader view because looks at higher number of organisations
    It’s got to be about the whole picture
    Jarrod’s article on ‘Blow Up The Service Desk’ is interesting
    First keynote at SITS13 is similar topic
    People want Service Desks for number of different reasons – and there are different definitions too
    Things like Genius Bars are becoming more common where there are lots of users in one location
    In past seeking help was about knowledge, in future it might be more about capability and assets
    Barclay first heard someone say “the Service Desk will be dead in ten years” was 1990
    It’s got to evolve
    Whether it’s guidance, capability or whatever you still need someone to help
    Cloud needs data centres, data centres need ‘techis’
    SDI awards - some really good managed service desks finalists. Quality much better than was
    It might not be the Service Desk itself that’s failing but the IT business behind it
    How many of the SDI Awards videos will have the Harlem Shake in?!
    Looking forward to SITS13
    SDI13 Conference in June – exciting things happening

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  3. Show notes with links: servicesphere.com/blog/2013/4/12/has-itsm-lost-its-mojo-itsmprow-ep-54-part-1.html

    Hosts: James Finister, Barclay Rae
    Show notes:
    James has lost his ITSM mojo – do you ever have those days..?
    Something to do with being half consultant, half practitioner – what should we be doing next?
    Are you making, or working in, a category mistake?
    Build links outwards, don’t build upwards within silos
    We’re doing all the right things but for some reason the parts aren’t adding up to the greater output
    Very difficult to get people to change how they think
    Future and present are colliding. We still want IT people to be IT people but at the same time we’re asking them to adopt a very new and different mindset to do with service management
    Where did all the analysts come from? Are they close enough to reality of working in the industry?
    Need good headlines for the articles which might be part of the problem of recognising the reality
    Hornbill new video
    For human insight see Peppa Pig
    There are efforts being made to make a new community & making things happen e.g. TFT, Shift
    A community is made up of individual people, it doesn’t really matter how or where we connect
    Important thing is that these conversations are getting out there - globally, instantaneously
    What messages do we want to put out there as priority? Doesn’t seem to be a consensus
    Conversation continues in Part 2…

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  4. Hosts: James Finister, Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae, Patrick Bolger
    Guest – Jeff Brooks, Gartner

    show notes with links: servicesphere.com/blog/2013/3/26…row-ep-53.html

    Show notes:
    SITS13 is new ground for Gartner
    Took about 1400 phone calls on service desk topics last year – one of most popular topics
    Every business needs to support users, staff or customers.
    In US education events are Gartner’s usual hangout
    Finding out about tools and vendors help analysts to help their customers
    Would be good to take service desk team members to shows to see demos & expos
    Jeff’s keynotes on future of the service desk and metrics
    Gartner panel discussions – ‘Culture vs Tools’ with Ron Muns and ‘Who’s murdering ITIL?’ with pundits including Don Page, Noel Bruton, Pat Bolger, Colin Rudd – there will be buzzers!
    Will there be any more furniture throwing incidents?
    Going to a show like SITS and putting money into the stand is worthwhile – it’s expected
    New to SITS this year: Alpha people UK, BPM oniline, NetOp, FreshDesk, ITSM Company
    Public appeal - Octopus: COME TO THE SHOW!
    Gartner Service Desk Survey –choose a paper if you fill out a survey
    Big change for SITS this year – ability to pre-book seminar seat for £6 – % goes to charity
    Vendors suggested pre-booking to reduce queues and discourage no-shows
    Looking forward to Kaimar session
    Andrea Kis speaking for first time
    Barclay facilitating Wednesday breakfast briefing sponsored by Axios
    Show App this year?
    Talk to people – get maximum value
    Alemba – interesting
    SDI Garden Party – look out for the Gnomes!
    Barclay’s stand - ITSM Goodness (url type on show guide)
    Twitter screens returning – lots of interaction #SITS13
    Some topics for roundtables are online
    Speakers to highlight – Katherine Howard from Australia, Peter Johnson Faraday Research
    Service Integration missing – perhaps next year
    This year more about re-evaluating ITIL and the Service Desk
    Pink13 – great show but almost too much going on. They take lots of feedback on what’s popular which may have held them back in past – need more on culture
    Quantum Age of IT website with forum. Barclay interview with Charles
    IT splitting in to two camps – technical v business IT. Discussed in BrightTALK webinar
    Business is taking a new interest in IT
    Citrix whitepaper Confessions of a Support Centre Professional
    Recording at SITS show – come and say hello

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  5. Show notes with links: servicesphere.com/blog/2013/2/26/live-from-pink13-itsmrowp-episode-52.html

    Hosting: Barclay Rae, Matt Beran, Pat Bolger
    Guest appearances: Mark Kawasaki, Charles Araujo, Ian Aitchison, Chris Dancy

    Show notes:
    Live from Vegas at Pink13
    Hosts: Barclay Rae, Pat Bolger, Matt Beran
    Guest appearances: Mark Kawasaki, Ian Aitchison, Charles Araujo, Chris Dancy
    Mark session ‘Socialising Value’. Bad scheduling
    Higher level CI – what is the business doing with the service?
    Big message from Pink13 intro – learning isn’t enough
    It’s about value – employees want to create it
    Show people what happened as a result of them doing a good job
    Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson – if you only depth and no breadth you won’t be as valuable
    If you’re too specialised you’re more in danger of becoming obsolete
    Ian’s session – ease of integration of service management tools with other tools
    Hide the complexity of the technology to allow people to put it to good use
    TFT tweet - customers don’t know what they want. Immerse yourself in the problem then find them a solution
    Neil Tyson’s presentation talked about the meteor over Russia – uber topical & up to date
    (Bye Mark!)
    Hello to Charlie Araujo, author of ‘The Quantum Age of IT – everything you know about IT is about to change’
    Time of turmoil to come – 5 skills needed in the new age (link to the list)
    Have to make sure you’ve got the right people for innovation
    Many IT people are naturally creative but it gets beaten out of them
    Should be routinely innovating
    Take action! Decide what you’re going to do then share it with like-minded people - ‘build your tribe’
    Bye Charles, hello Chris Dancy
    Chris’ session - robots and IT support – looking at how we interact with AI every day
    Chris’ 2nd session – Reputation
    Quantified self but we’re seeing a quantified workforce
    Rob England session – the empowered checklist
    Mark K working amongst the organisation – for years people have been saying do this but he’s the first to talk about having done it
    Chris - already working on next year’s presentations – evolutionary psychology
    Love you John Moore!
    Fresh blood to visit UK podcast soon – Richard Smith

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