1. notes with links: servicesphere.com/blog/2013/8/6/future-of-itil-did-we-all-just-drink-the-kool-aid-itsmrowp-e.html

    Hosts: Barclay Rae, James Finister
    Guest: Andy White, EasyVista bit.ly/ROWAndyWhite

    Show notes:
    Workshops with Axelos to discuss way forward for ITIL
    ITSM Penguin blog
    One strong message was reaching out to other geographies around the world
    People beginning to admit constraints ITIL developed under
    Business env radically changed last 2-3 years, new framework is responding
    James’ concern – have we drunk the Axelos Kool Aid? Something still has to be delivered
    Real customers of ITIL coming back to centre stage
    Andy: 1st challenge, change your own mind set
    Consultants are NOT all recovering alcoholics…
    Will see more connection from end user customer via different channels
    Big Data – information collected is exploding, will need a lot of managing
    Who is ITIL for? Do we need to change the constituency?
    What goes on in ITIL stays in ITIL (msg not getting to business) - elephant in the room
    We speak outside-in, but still act inside-out
    IT has lost a degree of control – look at where budgets are going for tech, who is making decisions?
    Fundamentals: Governance, Management and Leadership
    High visibility of cost of IT and cost of service important
    Total cost of ownership. New codeless tech can liberate time for more strategic thinking
    Ethics – ITIL should be an ethical framework
    What as a vendor would you be looking for from ITIL now? Pragmatic ITIL.
    Problem is what ITIL turned into – seems too much for many clients
    It should be about the outcome
    Business wants solutions to business problems – direct impact
    Stephen Mann - Training has got to be about training not about the exam. Train leaders to be business leaders and people managers
    Services are now coming from many different places, integrated, web-based etc – IT needs to become the broker of service
    Leadership – what does it actually need to do?
    Vendors – help bring business in to the conversation
    Proper services portfolio / catalogue often still not understood
    EasyVista – two service catalogues, one for end customer and one for IT leadership
    Will see changes in web architectures that will drive major change
    Closing thoughts on where ITIL / Axelos is going and hopes:
    James: pleased they want to hear from disruptive people, want to see engagement continue
    Would like to see something like Top 20 things or evidence they’re prepared to do stuff differently
    Andy: like to see an audit of IT maturity first then differentiate which bits people need
    James: tending towards smiley face, but not underestimating how far there is to go
    Bigger shift mentally than shift between versions
    It’s time to do something positive!

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  2. notes with links: servicesphere.com/blog/2013/6/21/sdi13-conference-itsmprow-episode-60.html

    Hosts: James Finister, Patrick Bolger, Barclay Rae (briefly)

    Guest appearances from: Barry Coreless, Toby Moore, Chris Dancy, Chris Barrett

    Recorded Live from SDI13 Annual Conference

    Show notes

    SDI13 Social conference – willing to talk outside sessions, mixing, meet new people
    This year running concurrently with TFT13
    By end of the 24hrs TFT13 had 7.6million social impressions online
    Physical conference isn’t dead BUT will see age of Socially Augmented conference
    Pat’s session – quite busy, good response
    Howard Kendall message ‘the Service Desk in back’ – true in that moving away from outsourced model, changing perceptions
    Chris Barrez Brown keynote – talking about creativity, something we need more of to come up with solutions
    Mike Matthews of Atos talking about self-service and designing for the user, personalisation
    Finalists of Managed Service Desk of the Year did Q&A session – BRM at the fore of thinking
    Hello from Mike Matthews: skills needed are out there already, for user adoption embrace what users do at home. Don’t throw tools at people without understanding what they do or how. Talk to people in layman’s terms not technical or jargon.
    What are the core things IT department needs to do to be perceived well by the Business? ITIL has very little of that. Some easy things e.g. new starter that can’t work on day 1 gives bad perception
    Contextualising and personalising support important
    Some things are easily doable with common sense and talking to people
    Give a tailored experience
    Things like ITIL are becoming an excuse not to talk to the user / customer e.g. don’t need to talk to them because the report gives them the information automatically
    Hello Barclay.
    Presentation on 5 star certified CGI – striking thing about them is management culture, tangible positive empowered culture
    Barry – first time walked in to Virgin Mobile very powerful of the culture
    Good videos at the Awards - JMC very funny
    All finalists did great job – good reminder of what we’re here to do
    Peter Pan Kendall still doing good job
    James - breakout session disappointed with felt like outdated
    Hard to get stories from those who have done the basics and now really are doing something else
    Sustaining and changing stories would be useful
    Breakout session with Katy Wignall from Barclays had good story about what they’d done, mistakes, did something new
    Rob England Standard+Case – talking of the devil he appears… Feedback: resonated with people
    ‘Now I understand why so much is missing from request catalogue’. Hello, this is reality
    We should stop talking about BYOD and talk about Bring Your Own Experience
    Hello to Chris Dancy
    Everything is a consumer experience
    Genius Bar in an org can be and has been done – they move part of the help desk
    No. 1 thing clients think the business want is accessible people
    Problem is entitlement meets control
    Pat session asked how many people in audience were aware what the businesses goal is
    Been trying to achieve this for years – if something is mission it’s leadership
    Several people talking about personal leadership that message is getting out there but industry needs to do it too
    Don’t give me the quote, show me the action!
    People are afraid – culture at root of an organisation can only be dealt with from top down – can only manage from floor up with stakeholders support
    Other way to effect culture is using social media – company sees you and your opinions there – make noise from the outside, Gorilla style
    Does depend on the organisation but most are monitoring social media even if not participating
    How did ITSM go from being how to make mainframes work to how to change the culture? Solved the problems of the tech now looking to bigger picture but also because tech is different
    Hello Toby Moore
    Preconception of what working in IT is. Try to take a step back and think about what people need - Give him his own show!
    Stuff doesn’t break at the rate it used to so the interest in understanding how it all works died out
    People are outsourcing because they don’t want to be running tech
    Rob England – there’s going to be a mixed hybrid model forever, never going to be 100% outsourced
    End up supporting business process and corporate asset
    Pat and Barclay later run in to Chris Barrett…
    Only so much you can say but what’s been refreshing is being out there on social media etc
    People are watching and interested to see how it develops
    July can engage more people, point people in different directions, develop a timeline for changes
    Main ideas hearing are about product development
    People looking for plan for workshops, who will be involved

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  3. Show notes with links: servicesphere.com/blog/2013/6/14/sdi13-preview-itsmrowp-episode-58.html

    Hosts: James Finister, Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae, Patrick Bolger

    Special guest – Tessa Troubridge

    Show notes

    News first: itsmf did a knowledge management seminar but one of the speakers couldn’t speak (Noel Breton) – event organisers need to be clear what’s going to happen to speaker’s slides after an event
    SDI make content from physical events available to attendees. TFT13 content available to everyone
    If you’ve paid to see a speaker and they drop out last minute there should be good comms
    Itsmf were slow to respond to Tweets
    Good use of social media on Capita and the Joint Venture getting out there
    More useful communication from the ITIL JV in last 3 weeks than ever was before – encouraging
    Chris Barrett also recorded as guest on ITSM Weekly US show
    Interview on ITSMTV
    SDI Conference 18th and 19th June 2013 at Edgebaston
    Upping Your Elvis
    Lots of firsts this year - Rob England presenting in UK
    First time for Rumble in Birmingham with Chris Dancy and Rob England
    Barclay to referee
    First time physical and virtual event meets with TFT13 joining up with SDI13. Two sessions from conference keynotes Chris Dancy and Rob England will be streamed from the SDI13 stage via TFT13
    Patrick’s keeping quiet…
    Barclay and Pat both presenting
    Rob England presenting on Standard+Case subject of his new book
    Malcolm Fry delivering conference energiser – what not to do on the service desk (by the audience)
    Barclay session ‘The Service Desk Inspector presents' What to look at to review your service desk
    Day 1 closes with Chris Dancy ‘The Metrics of Me’ set to be some spectacular revelations!
    How many Harlem Shakes will be in the winners’ videos?!
    New category – award for managed services
    Jim Lawless ‘Taming Tigers’ closing keynote. About achieving amazing goals
    No real tigers unfortunately
    *Breaking news: James’ collection of man bags causes coat-rack related domestic accident which led him to build a cupboard in front of his ethernet cable port. If he can make it, he’ll be at SDI13
    Great mix this year of practitioners, big names, breakouts and more delegates than ever before
    Almost sold out of tickets – last few available
    If no accommodation left through SDI you can still book and find your own hotel
    ITIL sale – James ambivalent - cautionary view
    There are potential pros and cons and different reactions from different parts of the world
    So far they’re saying the right things – openness of comms is good sign
    The views of a future Gartner analyst… Chris joining Gartner in July
    Lots of movement amongst analysts
    Ovum event - impressive sharing
    The Animal I’d most like to tame and ride is… Chris: Red Panda, Barclay: The ITSM Haggis, Pat: Patrick Bolger, James: Heffalump, Tessa: James’ coat cupboard

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  4. Show notes with links: servicesphere.com/blog/2013/6/5/itil-jv-bmc-changes-and-free-speech-itsmprow-episode-57.html

    Hosts: Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae, Patrick Bolger
    Show notes:
    Recorded in a wine bar.. First show since SITS13
    News Poodles have been in touch…
    Talked about Capita buying G2G3 and setting up something new…we were right!
    Joint Venture for ITIL - have bought other companies as well
    More news to come regarding CEO of JV
    They own 51% share, government owns rest
    Not really the government’s job
    Capita only get paid if revenue remains at least what it was
    Interesting different reactions from different sides of the pond UK neg, US positive
    If they do do it properly it could be a game changer
    G2G3 press release is hopeful not affirmative
    There is a lot of potential – if Capita leverage G2G3 instead of race to bottom you have simulation based training and experiential learning
    Could take it into the modern day – makes sense to modernise core material, make it more consumable
    E-books – at itsmf12 UK the best practice stand were showing i-books versions said they were available but only three of core volumes are there
    Competency of producing content but also about marketing and getting it out
    Majid Iqbal started tweeting about reaction to V3 and how it’d been misunderstood –venting
    2 ways to do a release – either functionality bound or time bound
    If they can professionalise the version updates and review process that would be beneficial
    APMG will find other things to do
    What impact it might have on membership orgs like itmsf
    How does it impact those authors who work for other companies? Some have said they’ll stop
    It does also benefit authors though
    Dave Cannon’s blog now at Forrester – blog post
    Stephen Mann leaving Forrester and joining ServiceNow
    G2G3 wouldn’t have given up creative independence lightly – ideally they’ll be allowed free reign
    Last time he was with Mark Patrick ended up under the table (shock)
    They could do fantastic things in terms of how ITIL is delivered and received
    BMC news: public company, soon not to be.. 3 investment companies including Insight and a Singapore org are buying – 3 times revenue which is dollar over the share price
    Product line is disparate. Will it mean they’ll get broken up into multiple companies? Focus more on mobile and social?
    Will it help with innovation?
    Some BMC staff are expressing worries, key people have left
    What now happens? Do they focus on enterprise and sell off some, or set them up in own right?
    With Remedy lots of consultancy time and development time solved their own problem
    Small to medium companies need higher level of touch points
    Different feel to CRM tools to internal
    FrontRange booth at SITS pitching they’re only multi-tenant hybrid service management
    Nice to have topics!
    Hello Alena and three more Peroni
    Back to BMC…
    Even in ITIL books, PISM, configure yes customise be careful
    Next podcast is SDI13 preview. TFT13 going on at same time – dovetailing together for first time
    Why not watch at home free then? Only two conference sessions are being shown on TFT13
    Patrick presented last time
    Charles Araujo blogged that he’s not speaking for free any more
    It does require a lot time
    SHIFT is new site to be go-to place to find speakers and activities on different channels
    Can’t say never speak for nothing – can have other value as well, branding, networking, reputation
    Paid itsmf events do pale compared to their regional events which are free to members
    Completely depends on the event, the non-monetary value, the drain on your time etc
    Barclay at Fusion this year
    Patrick decided not to go and see the usual ‘big hitters’ and go see some of the practitioners instead – some were awful and you wouldn’t be happy if you paid and only saw less professional
    Google+ recently became good?! Ipad app that works
    Fez game for PC out – guy who made Fez wanted to present it at a game show but changed code night before and it crashed every 5 minutes. That’s why you have to do proper release!

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  5. Show notes with links: servicesphere.com/blog/2013/5/15/sits13-review-show-itsmprow-episode-56.html

    Hosts: Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae, James Finister, Patrick Bolger
    Guests: Kaimar Karu, Barry Coreless, Jeff Brooks, Sarah Burns, Claire Agutter, Andrea Kiss, Ben Clacy

    Show notes:
    Recorded live at SITS13
    Jeff: Interesting at this show versus US amount of companies who aren’t just selling tools but consulting, books & knowledge etc – many more
    The way people are trying to solve their problems is different here than US
    Everybody is very polite, panel sessions great engagement, good passion
    Some people still think that training staff on ITIL makes the organisation ‘ITIL compliant’
    If you bet on Don swearing you lost
    Some of Jeff’s quotes about metrics really stuck out – esp buy a tool that fits your level of maturity
    People still looking for someone or something else to take the accountability
    Make sure you look in the right quadrant for you
    We make better decisions in our personal lives than we do at work (because it’s not our money)
    RFPs circulate people just pass the same one on
    Once a customer has bought, vendor needs to cultivate the relationship better – HELP THEM and the money will come
    Andie Kiss – first presentation this year focusing on human element of Business Relationship Management – important to recognise that we do it everywhere, so that we’re aware how we’re doing it
    Styles of personal relationships and how they translate in to business relationships
    In business we try to fake it – but customers are not stupid. Or, end up in a bad situation
    Don’t need to be their friend – just understand what type of relationship is needed. TRUST
    Another problem is treating everything like a process without really understanding it
    Sarah first time as speaker and exhibitor (SDI) – presented on Service Desk Certification
    SDC – only industry standard, measured against nine standards verified by international panel. 3 stage process, assessment & initial scoring, certification and afterwards audits
    The journey is where the value lies – it’s not the stamp it’s going through the process
    Cannot replace look on their face when they find out they’ve passed
    The Service Desk coming back to centre focus?
    Will we see more desks moved back to UK?
    Emotional intelligence and local knowledge from being based closer to customer base is in vogue
    Cost breaks from offshoring still tempting but people choosing closer locations
    More ‘Smart-sourcing’ – team don’t nec have to be on payroll or in office, but could find outsourcer in region who understands me and my customers
    Kaimar – speaking this year. Felt this year programme more relevant to more people
    More suits walking around – conversations have been good
    People knowing more specifically what they want to do or achieve
    Round tables – low take up on social media, financial management, BYOD
    Generic ITIL workshop only 2 attended
    All this free help and consultancy isn’t being utilised – visitors should be taking advantage
    “incident and problem” good attendance but this is what we were doing 20 years ago
    Average maturity rating has actually gone down slightly (but now collecting more data points)
    Chance to talk to your peers “we can at least be screw-ups together”
    Fear of missing out sometimes when lots going on at same time
    Not easy to go to sessions, talk to people, visit exhibitors, go to round tables
    Did we discover who murdered ITIL?
    People will always interpret books differently, it’s not deliberate - like religion
    “I just want minions!”
    Maybe education killed ITIL, maybe it’s those who are doing it badly, those sending staff on training with wrong expectations – basically it’s “everybody who never took the time to understand it”
    …or maybe it killed itself?!
    See you at SDI13

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