1. This large scale video mapping installation took place in an abandoned neo-gothic church in Brooklyn.
    The content questions the rapid parade of simulations making up our post-modern human experience. Like a map with no territory, these simulations hint at the existence of a hyper-reality, while quite possibly the true essence of reality becomes increasingly hermetic, crumbling and decaying from disuse.

    Now that the simulation proceeds the original, is the modern experience of beauty, divinity and love merely alienating us from the true essence of these experiences?

    "Simulacra" was created by Ryan Uzilevsky and produced by Light Harvest Studio and Bobby Redd. The work features sound design by Brandon Wolcott and Sky White Tiger. Animation by Whitney Alexander, and 3D camera by Kevin Bleach. Starring Kate Herrington. Additional design by Christopher Pugliese. Also starring Lauren Charlea, Vickki Smith, Maan and Jesse.

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  2. light-harvest.com

    We set out to create a one of a kind public art experience, a projection mapping installation for multiple surfaces and multiple dimensions. Created by a hand picked team of artists with sponsorship by AT+T, Senovva, Light Harvest, and Leo Kuelbs.

    Unfolding like an animated modern Botticelli painting, flowing above our heads and spreading outwards
    in every direction, “As Above, So Below” immersed viewers in the architecture of the Manhattan Bridge. Audiences physically entered the story and explored the shimmering surface as it ignited with messages and symbols.

    This originally conceived video mapping project was a challenge offered to a group of artists from varying backgrounds. Led by digital arts pioneers Farkas Fulop and Ryan Uzilevsky, with post production support by Sina Taherkhani, the group created a one-of-a-kind experience. Adding to the fun were Artists Simon Anaya, John Parker, Richard Jochum and Johnny Moreno. The final projection utilized over 25,000 square feet of architectural canvas, and ultimately won "Best In Show" at the Dumbo Arts Festival.

    This production tested every technique in image-making conceivable in the short time frame, including stop motion animation, and the suspension of over twenty performance artists from fly wires at sixteen feet off the ground.

    Leo Kuelb is responsible for securing the site and bringing the original team together. He also put together a great international video art showcase between screenings of "As Above, So Below."

    Soundtrack by Daft Punk

    Production Credits:

    “As Above, So Below”

    as part of “Immersive Surfaces”

    Farkas Fülöp
    Ryan Uzilevsky
    Simon Anaya
    Sina Taherkhani
    John Ensor Parker
    Johnny Moreno
    Richard Jochum

    Visual Effects Team:
    Sina Taherkhani – VFX Creative Direction

    Farkas Fülöp – Visual Effects Supervisor

    Simon Anaya – Video Mapping Specialist

    Ryan Uzilevsky – VFX Producer

    John Ensor Parker – 3D Environment Architect

    James Laudicina Jr – VFX Production Manager
    Isaiah Palmer – 3D VFX Artist

    Kevin Bleich – 3D Programmer

    Luis Valdes – VFX Artist

    Paul Imperio – VFX Artist

    Cory John Stoffa – VFX Artist

    Filip Radonjic – VFX Artist

    Paul Daniel – VFX Artist
    Adam VanDine – VFX Artist
    J.k. Carrington – VFX Artist

    Aerialists / Movement Performers:
    Malado Baldwin – Movement
    Kae Burke – Aerialist
    Darnell Celius – Movement
    Sarah Lisette Chiesa – Movement
    Iara Celest Diaz – Movement
    Nahdi Gibson-Zelaya – Movement
    David James – Aerialist
    Jesse Lenat – Movement
    Erinina Marie Ness – Aerialist
    Max Pollak – Movement
    Anya Sapoznihkova – Aerialist
    Rachael Shane – Movement
    Julianna Takacs – Aerialist
    Tyler Visar Shaqiri – Aerialist
    Despina Sophia Stamos – Movement
    Sarah Walko – Movement

    Kevin Bleich – 3D Scanning – Web Developer
    Chris Studley – Lighting Designer / Set Carpenter
    Buddy Raymond – Rigger / Set Carpenter
    Anya Sapozhnikova – Stunt Consultant
    Marion Talan – Costume Designer
    Dana Fairbairn – Script Supervisor
    Darnell Celius – Production Assistant

    Special Thanks:
    The House of Yes
    The Juilliard School
    Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
    Columbia University
    Kevin Carlisle
    Katy Hamer
    Amelie Zadeh
    J. Peter Siriprakorn
    Andrew Esterly

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  3. Listeners wander through our 9' x 9' space with a pair of headphones. Transient fragments of voices, papers rustling, poetry, and music emerge and evaporate as a result of the listener's movements, creating a dynamically changing composition. The piece is an attempt to distill the vast collections of the New York Public Library into a unique, non-linear sound experience.

    The listener's center of mass is tracked with a Microsoft Kinect sensor, control data based on their proximity to a series of sonic "hot spots" is generated in Processing, and the results are transmitted via Open Sound Control data to Max4Live patches that control the volume of various audio clips.

    Projected light halos visualize the listener's distance from hotspot locations as 101 vintage card catalog cards, one for each year NYPL's Stephen A. Schwarzman Building has served the public, strung into streamers, outline the sculpture's perimeter.

    Text by Christopher Carlson and Carlin M. Wragg. Soundscape documentation by Kevin Bleich. Video Documentation by Carlin M. Wragg.

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  4. Performed @ VERBOTEN // Good Units, NYC

    DJs scanned:

    Wolf + Lamb
    Audio Fly
    Steve Bug
    Matthias Tanzmann

    Special thanks to James Barnes of Waking Dream, Kevin Bleich, and Jen and John Flawless.

    Music: "Hold On" - Holy Ghost

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  5. Homework for 3D Sending and Visualization. Calculating a bounding box, a centroid or two, and some basic blog detection in 3D. Enjoy.

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    vimeo.com/67897675 interactive installation - MEMBRANE - A touch me cloth ;)

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    Hi! Here is my new installation using Kinect. BETWEEN is a interactive installation that splits your body half image and half data.

    ---->>>> vimeo.com/48706900

    Excuse me for using this space to post about my new work. Hope you like it add it to your channel. Thanks in advance!

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    Sono ((o)) Drome, Immersive audiovisual installation

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