1. Questions answered:

    How can I balance Bible study and personal devotions? (00:27)

    Does the Bible say anything about Adam having a wife before Eve? (29:40)

    How can we distinguish God's answers to prayer as a no or later? (30:51)


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  2. Questions answered:

    What is the significance of the number seven in the Bible? (00:35)

    How do I biblically respond to someone who claims that God spoke to them? (08:47)


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  3. Questions answered:

    Were the Jews who stayed in Babylon instead of going to the Promised Land with Ezra disobedient? Or was it permissible to stay behind like Esther and Mordecai? (00:41)


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  4. Questions answered:

    When I pray for direction, after a decision has been made, I often second guess myself as to whether it was God's voice I hear or my own desire. How can I know for sure? (02:18) & (30:34)

    In John 10 Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice. What does hearing God's voice look like? How do I know it is Him I am hearing? (04:24) & (42:23)

    How do I pray without ceasing? (6:10)

    Some have described prayer as two-way communication between man and God. I know that I can talk to God in prayer, but does God speak to me apart from HIs Word? Would God speaking to be considered prayer? (08:15)

    How do I pray without sounding like a broken record? (10:14)

    If I have prayed for someone, whether it's for their salvation or for God to intervene in their life, is it really necessary to pray more than once? (11:15)

    Since God is all powerful and sovereign and does what He wills, do my prayers really make a difference? (11:36)

    You've mentioned that you have a list of people in your Bible you pray for. What does that look like in your life, as I imagine you have quite a list? (12:49)

    If prayer is so important to the Christian walk, why do so few see it as necessary? (16:22)

    We are taught by Christ in Matthew 6:5-7 not to be like the hypocrites who love to pray in front of others, He tells us rather to go into our closets to pray -- to pray in secret. What is the place for corporate prayer? Isn't it in a setting for the flesh to become proud, or to judge others as they pray? (17:22)

    We are told in Scripture that if we ask anything according to His will that He hears us and that "we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of HIm." (1 John 5:14-15). Since God is not willing that any should perish and that all should come to repentance, can we with confidence pray knowing that our prayer will be answered? On the other hand, God being sovereign and choosing whom He will, seems to contradict that promise. Can I be sure He will answer my prayer for someone's salvation or other things stated in Scripture as His will? (19:46)

    Other than a prayer of repentance leading to salvation, is there anything in Scripture that would indicate God answers the prayers of unbelievers? (25:49)

    Sometimes when I pray, I intellectually agree that God is able, but in my heart I'm not sure He will answer my prayer. Since the Bible states that without faith, it is impossible to please God, is that uncertainty on my part considered "unbelief" and if so, is that prayer impacted by my "lack of faith"? (29:14)


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  5. Questions answered:

    How do I politely point out to someone that they are applying Scripture incorrectly? (00:47)

    Which Bible translation is the most accurate? (21:15)

    Is there going to be a physical third temple according to prophecy? (37:18)


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