1. QSBC Winter Bible Study on Colossians by Dr. Bobby Kelly

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  2. John 3: 9-15

    Intro: Few things cast a darker shadow over the glory of God than
    the grumbling, the complaining of His people.
    • When we complain it sounds as if we are accusing God of being unfaithful or unable; it sounds like He has somehow disappointed us.
    • To grumble is the opposite of our created purpose: To glorify His Great Name.
    • The People of God were grumbling in the wilderness.
    The people were weary and impatient. They complained against God and criticized Moses.
    “You brought us up from Egypt to die… No food and we hate this food” (grumbling need not be rational)
    • The LORD sent poisonous snakes to the camp, “burners” and the people cried out, confessed, asked Moses to intercede. LORD answered prayer
    • Bronze Burner on a pole… look intently and LIVE.

    t/s – The mind of Jesus was saturated with the Word of God.
    This morning – Ezekiel’s promise came seeping in…
    Tonight – a clear reference to this Numbers 21 story.

    Read John 3: 9-15 (comment on first few, then focus on 14-15)

    Vs. 11 – Why the plural pronouns, “We.”??
    • Jesus is poking fun at Nicodemus’s high opinion of himself while rejecting his low view of Jesus. (vs. 2)
    • “WE know a thing or two, also!”
    • Attacking Nic’s prideful minimizing of Jesus’ true nature!

    Core Issue is not understanding, but rejecting Who Jesus Is.

    Vs. 12 - The New Birth is just the beginning, the Gospel Basics.

    Vs. 13 – NASB best translation… Jewish teachers claimed to have ascended into heaven in order to learn deep truth…
    Jesus, “I am from heaven!” == Divinity and Pre-existence
    Vs. 14 – 15 offer a Treasure of Truth… notice Three.

    Another Powerful Picture of the Saving Work of Jesus.
    Exp – The New Life we find in Christ is like…
    a) Washed clean with pure water… start fresh.
    b) Transformed from inside out…. New Heart of Obedience
    c) Healed from a Deadly Poison… Snake Bit!

    Filthy; Dead; Diseased….

    Ill – Key to Recovery… “I am an addict.”

    App – The Good News of Redemption assaults our pride.

    The Beautiful Promise of Eternal Life in Jesus.
    Exp – Vs. 15 is the first occurrence of “Eternal Life” in John.
    John will use this combination of word 17 times in Gospel.
    • See vs. 16 for identical phrase
    “Eternal” = of the Age to Come… A new Kind of Life;
    Kingdom Life… starts now and lasts forever.

    “Life” is the key word in the Numbers 21 story…Look…Life!

    t/s – Much more next Sunday…
    The Central Irony of the Gospel of John
    Exp – “Irony” = a word expresses a meaning that is the opposite of
    What you expect; or, a story ending contrary to expectation.
    “Lifted Up” – Four times in John 8:28; 12:32, 34
    a) Literal, Physical meaning… Crucifixion. (shame)
    b) Theological meaning… Exaltation

    What was expected to be His humiliation; is actually His Exaltation --- Jesus Lifted Up!

    App – Crucifixion is His Exaltation; In the Darkness of Golgotha
    His light shines brightest; His Shame is Glory; His weakness is the Power; Despised and Rejected…We adore and Embrace.
    Lifted Up… We do not run away in revulsion, Drawn to Him!
    Halleluyah! Inv. – Let Praise His Name Together.

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  3. John 3: 1-10

    Intro: Jesus knew what was in a man.
    • John thinks we need to know this before he tells the story of the way Jesus dealt with people --- A Nobleman, A Samaritan woman, A Religious Leader.
    • He could look you in the eye --- and see your heart. Nothing hidden, everything exposed… No Games, pretensions, delusions… Eyes like flames of fire….

    T/S – Nicodemus thought he was doing Jesus a favor by coming to him early in his ministry. Afterall, Jesus was a nobody from a working class family in the backwoods of Galilee; while Nicodemus was at the top of the religious and political ladder --- The Establishment. He thought he was elevating Jesus by affirming His ability to teach. Jesus cut him off --- I do not need your affirmation; You need My Intervention. You must been born anew, from above.

    Read John 3: 1-10

    Vs. 2 – This compliment was actually a condescending remark.
    Jesus is More… isn’t He?
    The first of many to compliment Jesus right out of His
    Divinity and His Redeeming Work. MacClaren

    Vs. 3 – Born Again = Born Anew or from Above

    “See … Enter.. The Kingdom of God”
    Participate in the New Creation that comes from the Redemption and Reign of Jesus --- forever, beginning now!

    Vs. 6 Born Again = Born of the Spirit

    t/s – Good people have the most difficult time with Jesus.
    People who have a place in society, respected. Nic could not grasp the truth about Jesus until he came to grips with the truth about Himself. He underestimated Jesus because He overestimated himself. So Jesus confronts Nicodemus with the strong language of New Birth!
    The New Birth Is a Mystery
    Exp – If the concept of being born again confounds you, welcome to the club. It confused Nicodemus also… Provocative!
    Vs. 4, 9 – “How can this be?”
    Vs. 8 – Like the Wind --- “Wind = Spirit”… God does it.
    We acknowledge the wind without understanding it.

    ILL – George Whitefield and Ben Franklin were friends… Letters
    August 17, 1752; Whitefield wrote to Franklin
    As you have made considerable progress into the mysteries
    of electricity, I would now humbly recommend you study the
    mystery of the new birth. It is a most important, interesting study, and when mastered, will richly repay you. The One, at whose bar we are shortly to appear, hath solemnly declared, that without it we cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

    App – “Born Again”!! what in the heck is He talking about?!
    • Challenge the tendency to try to tame Christianity; to make the Gospel a self-help gimmick; to feed our pride with Religion but avoid our need to a Savior’s Intervention.
    You need what you cannot achieve; can’t even understand!

    t/s – The idea of a New Birth is provocative, but not new….
    The New Birth Is the Clear Promise of God in Scripture.
    Exp – Vs. 9 – 10 – Nicodemus is questioning with second time.
    Jesus rebukes his lack of apprehension… OT Scripture
    • Pharisees took pride in authority of Scriptures

    Ezekiel 36: 25-27
    Vs. 5 – “Water and Spirit” = this OT text
    Cleansing from sin and new life within!

    Ill – Ezekiel’s Vision in Chapter 37 – Valley of Dry Bones
    “I will put My Spirit in you and you will come to life!”

    App – The Good News of Jesus is the promises of God fulfilled.
    The History of Israel demonstrates that we need more than religion – Discipline, determination, rules, rituals.
    We Need Change --- Life change, Change within!
    t/s – This brings us to the most obvious and important truth.

    The New Birth Is a Necessity
    Exp – Triple repetition… Vs. 3, 5 & 7 You Must be Born Again!

    The credentials of Nicodemus are emphasized in vs. 1.
    He was the best of the best, religion and society.
    If anyone was an exception… It would be him.

    No exception --- this is a universal necessity.

    Ill – Working with my Dad… He put on work gloves.
    He has rough, callous, hands of a lifetime of labor.
    My hands suffer an occasional paper cut.
    • If he needs gloves… I do without question.

    App – Our city is filled with men and women who think they
    Are doing Jesus a favor when they call themselves
    Christians… Respected, Religious, Right Standing

    • When you come to Jesus, you come with compliments, affirmations, kind acknowledgments; but you have never fallen on you face at His feet and cried out, “Lord, have mercy on me, the Sinner!”

    Today, you sit in the presence of Jesus, the One Who knows what is in the heart of man. Can you hear Him? Do you sense what He is saying to you? You Must Be Born Again.

    Nicodemus could not come to grips with this challenge, not a first. He resisted this assault on his pride. Until, I think, he saw Jesus Crucified. I believe it was at the Cross that Nicodemus finally embraced his need for a Savior. John tells us that Nicodemus carried the broken, bloody body of Jesus from the Cross to His tomb.

    Finally, the broken-hearted sinner embraced the crucified Savior.

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  4. John 1: 29-34

    Intro: An article written by a pastor in San Diego caught my eye.
    The title was, “Who is Jesus to you?” conclusion…
    There are no right or wrong answers. Or even only one answer. Only what gives peace and guidance and stability to our spirits.

    Everyone believes in Jesus. Christians are not people who believe in some fuzzy, foggy idea of Jesus. There is more to it…

    John 20:31 So that you may believe in Jesus? (NO!)
    Believe that Jesus is…. (biblical content)

    ILL – Evangelism approach, “To you, who is Jesus?”
    Allows a person to give you an idea of spiritual condition.
    • Teacher; Example; Historical figure; rule maker…

    T/S – In John’s Gospel, Jesus is introduced with seven titles in 1: 19-51
    John the Baptist announces the first public Appearance of Jesus…. He works three titles into one paragraph…

    JOHN 1: 29-34
    (comment on Jesus’ baptism after verse 32)

    Jesus Is the Lamb of God (29)
    Exp – When we hear the word “lamb” we think a gentle, small, helpless
    Creature. Two things likely should come to mind.
    1) The Passover Lamb…. Sacrificed at OT Redemption!
    Isaiah 53: 4-7 (Notice 1:23 John quotes Isaiah)

    2) A Powerful Ram standing strong & bold (OT usage & Jewish)

    ILL – CS Lewis, Lion, Witch & Wardrobe ---- ASLAN (lay down life)
    He had the power to resist; but willingly submitted to the lesser
    Power on our behalf…

    App – Redemption --- Set free by payment for Sin.

    Jesus Is the One Who Baptizes with the Spirit (33)
    Exp – No time to discuss this phrase in full….
    Enough, Jesus changes us with the Power of the Holy Spirit!

    --- Internal, not external; Reality, not Ritual;
    Spiritual, not physical

    • The Jews of John’s day had the notion that God was going to send a Messiah who would change the world by changing people from the inside out by His Spirit.

    • Where did they get that idea?

    Ezekiel 36: 25-27

    App – Regeneration --- New Life through the Power of the Spirit!
    --- Jesus makes all things New!

    Jesus Is the Son of God (34)
    Exp – We tend to think of this title as a simple statement about Divinity.
    In part it certainly is that…. John 1:1
    MORE! A title with a long History….

    Psalm 2: 6-9

    App - Jesus comes to RULE! (The Ultimate King)
    Redemption, Regeneration and Rule

    T/S – What Child Is This?
    Lamb of God Who takes away the Sin of the World
    The One Who Baptizes Us with/in the Holy Spirit
    Son of God come to Rule over All!

    ILL – Grandchildren making a puzzle… 100 pieces for first time!
    --- Jumbled pile of pieces… frustrated… 10 minutes four connected!
    Grandma helped… turn all over, separate out the edges …
    Build the frame all around…. Then finish the picture…

    Thesis: Understanding Who Jesus Is, is like building the frame around Our Lives. ….

    Apart from Jesus, jumbled, confused, frustrating …

    With the Truth about Jesus clearly established Our Lives begin to Make Sense!

    Jesus Is the Lamb of GodI am Guilty… in Need of Forgiveness

    Jesus Baptizes with the Spirit I am Dead on the Inside… New Life!

    Jesus Is the Son of God/Ruler I am in Rebellion… Need to Submit
    To His Rightful Rule!


    I googled, “How do I find Myself?”
    1. Accept yourself for Who you are.
    2. Accept everything for what it is.
    3. Be selfish
    4. Use everyone else as a mirror to see yourself
    5. Commit to your core.

    Next I googled, “mumbo jumbo”…. Same five answers…

    How to Find Yourself… The true You… who you really are…

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  5. John 1: 19-19

    Intro: Tell the story of John (1: 19-28)

    Setting A man was preaching with such power and boldness that he was forced away from the cities, he rejected them; they him! Yet he was preaching with such persuasiveness that the crowds followed him. His message was a call to repent --- turn away from sinful status quo of your life and pursue the Way of Lord… He was baptizing people who repent. They called him John, the Baptizer.

    Tension In fact, John created such a stir that the religious leaders in Jerusalem sent a delegation to his baptism site to ask if He was the Messiah --- the anointed One --- the promised Savior King of Israel.

    Search John clearly denied it… I am Not. I am just preparing the way for Him. He is so great that I am not worthy to be His student, not even His slave! In fact, He is standing right here, now, in this crowd. John left that hanging for a whole day. But the next day…

    Resolution John gives His clear Witness. He sees Jesus.. and declares what God had revealed to him…

    Read John 1:29

    Jesus came to die as a sacrifice, a substitute, for our sin. He is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world.

    John’s prologue declares Jesus as the supreme revelation of God: Word speaking to us; Light shining on us; flesh and blood dwelling in our midst; Jesus explains God to us. Yet, make no mistake, Jesus came for more than Revelation; He came for Redemption. Jesus came to pay our sin debt and set us free.

    He is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world.

    OT Images of Lamb as Sacrifice for sin:
    Daily burnt offerings in the Temple; Suffering Servant (Is. 53);
    The Passover Lamb (Exodus)… John makes connection
    New Testament teaches us that Jesus died on the Cross as the final, all-sufficient sacrifice for our sin --- our Substitute, the Lamb of God.
    • Peter, (You were redeemed) with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ.
    • In Him we have redemption, through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses according to the riches of His grace.

    Jesus came to die as a sacrifice, a substitute, for our sin. He is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world.

    a) Truth about Jesus ---
    Love; Perfection; Sent from God to Provide

    b) The Truth about the World ---
    The world is not evolving, degenerating, All Wrong!
    What is wrong is violence, greed, hate, rebellion
    In a word, what is wrong with the World is SIN.

    Jesus comes to set things right… “Until He comes”

    c) The Truth about Me ---
    Sin debt I cannot pay; Sin stain I cannot remove
    Guilty, Alienated…. I desperate Need.

    t/s – You know that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning;
    when you lay down at night… deep, unsettling sense that something is just not right. Do you know why you feel that way? Things aren’t right… You are guilty, burdened with sin.

    Jesus came to die as a sacrifice, a substitute, for our sin. He is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world.

    ILL – What can wash away my sin? What can make me whole again?
    Nothing…. But the blood of Jesus!

    He is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world.

    T/S – This brings us to the Table (bread and cup)

    When you eat the bread and drink the cup, you are declaring a sacred truth. Jesus died on the Cross --- No, the truth is more specific --- Jesus died on the Cross for me, He died to take away our sin, my sin.

    You are making a public statement --- I depend upon and receive the broken body and shed blood of Jesus as the all sufficient sacrifice for my sin. He is the Lamb of God Who takes away my sin!

    If you have not received the Savior, do not receive the Supper!
    (Why would you want to…. Hypocrisy)

    You can come to Jesus now.

    • Spanish Invitation by Pastor Felix
    • Come, Pray with minister, Now!! Return to seat for rest of service…

    Hymn #139 At the Cross

    Call the Deacons into position before the last verse…

    Lord’s Supper
    1 Corinthians 11: 23-24
    Jim Hawkins Prays and we Pass the Bread
    Read Revelation 5: 6-12 and Eat

    1 Corinthians 11: 25-26
    Warren Pybas prays (8:15 & 9:30); Tony Cordoves (11:00) & Pass Cup
    1 Peter 2: 21-25 and Drink

    Stand to sing “Blessed be the Tie that Binds”

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