1. This is from the April 03, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut!

    00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks

    00:01:40 Julie’s Demo of Lattice Creations with Basic Shapes; See also Julie’s written tutorial in MTC_Tuts Yahoo Group; Julie’s MTC file with 6 designs she created and showed is available in Shard Files as SquareLatticeOverlay_JF.mtc (groups.yahoo.com/group/MTC_Tuts)

    00:27:00 Review of the Node Editing Features found in MTC 4.1; covers smoothing, smooth node versus symmetric, delete node, editing paths, neutralize line, delete line segment and break node

    01:01:50 No way to quickly delete a bunch of nodes at once

    01:05:28 difference in Join Node to Closest Node versus Nearest Node with Line

    01:09:00 Delete by Area

    01:16:00 Despeckle Option added to Pixel Trace in MTC 4.1

    01:18:00 Using a Font like the “George” Font to create a Stencil Font so you don’t lose the “inside” pieces of letters

    01:25:00 Arranging 8 petals around a circle using Wrap Object to Path

    01:35:40 Review of the Wrap Object to Path Tool in general; NOTE: key to getting to is to hold down the control key while dragging onto the shape to wrap around

    01:47:40 Using MTC 1.2.2 – Depending on cutter used – cannot upgrade and lots of changes made to MTC since then. Bryan talks about options

    01:50:00 Discussion on how to know what degree of rotation is being done (no way to manually enter a set degree)

    01:52:00 Font Bryan previously used someone was looking for was called Respective Slanted; Bryan said search for thread on forum or do a font search online

    01:53:00 Bryan talks about the Duplicate tool and that you cannot rotate the items while doing the duplicate like you can in some other graphics programs

    01:54:45 User getting error when trying to Shadow; Bryan said shouldn’t normally get an error unless trying to shadow an open path; shows what happens

    02:05:00 Bryan reviews making shape bigger then needed to get a “finer” shadow and then reducing back down (this is shown in several recent webinars)

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  2. This is from the April 24, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut!

    00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks

    00:00:28 Making A trapezoid; Bryan demos a couple of ways to do

    00:07:32 Making Nested Shapes; Bryan demos a couple of ways to do; also see Julie’s written tutorial on the MTC_Tuts Yahoo Group

    00:31:40 How to Reverse the order of objects on a single layer (NOTE: this only works if the objects are all on one layer)

    00:39:28 Using the Knife Tool in Node Editing to split an object in ½

    00:41:55 Cutting a “curved cut” out of an object

    00:45:45 How to make a round vault door with “spokes” evenly spaced around it; Bryan demos a couple of ways to do it using the rotation tool and wrap object to path

    00:55:20 How to make a curvy or rick rack lattice. Bryan and Andy toss around some ideas, not sure what is being asked for (see also further discussion @ 01:32:57 with better example)

    01:05:30 User trying to create a tri-fold card but the pattern calls for paper larger then she has and wants to know how she could create a cutting file that will cut into two pieces and then glue them together

    01:11:30 Making a template to etch the bottom base of a wine glass

    01:27:00 Sue asked ? regarding resolution calibration but Andy and Bryan not sure what is being asked; then have general discussion regarding cutter calibration. (See also 01:45:57 where Sue explains what she is talking about)

    01:32:57 Return to Rick Rack or Curvy Lattice Discussion; Andy gives a demo on how to create rick rack using the Bezier and Snapping Tools)

    01:40:30 User asked about knowing the “print order” or “cutting order”; Andy explains difference and how to check (Use FilePrint Preview to see how it will print; Use Ctrl, Shift, X to see how it will cut; cutting order is inside shapes first and then cuts left to right) Use layers to help adjust the cutting order by cutting one layer at a time

    01:47:57 Back to Sue’s question regarding registration calibration for her cutter, her problem is if she wants to adjust the width but not the height, if she changes the width it is automatically changing the height; Andy said it should not be doing that he will look into. Not none of others having that problem

    01:48:30 General Discussion of having letters the same size no matter if upper case or lower case (was an issue in prior versions of MTC, MTC 4.1 fixed the issue) Also general discussion about weeding vinyl

    01:57:00 Texture format, is there a better type image then another (Andy said no, size is the key element recommends no larger than 250 in size)

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  3. This is from the March 27, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut!

    00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks

    00:01:05 Lettering Delights – importing their various file types (also discusses places/blogs to find tutorials on how to do this. See also written tutorials @ MTC_Tuts Yahoo Group)

    00:04:00 Open LD Cut-its or SVG files from within MTC (note that these are the only ones that you can access this way)

    00:09:00 LD raster graphic files for print and cut, texture, etc. must Import-Pixel Trace. Discusses different techniques including resizing with a texture and creating a shadow

    00:22:45 Using a “graphic” style font from LD

    00:25:00 True Type Font or Doodlebats – must be handled by importing the “font” or “doodlebat” as usual by either adding to the computer’s font file or loading them temporarily into MTC (when loaded temporarily they are only there during that work session)

    00:30:45 Paper Packs used as “texture” (also see tutorial on Nelda’s blog)

    00:40:05 Bringing in “texture” to fill a specific shape – cutting a shape out of a texture (example used in demo was Santa’s face inside of a heart)

    00:49:00 Print and Cuts – discussion of registration marks and whether or not they need to be on a specific layer – (short answer no – MTC does not put them on a layer, they just print in relation to the largest object printed. Cannot/should not be creating your own registration marks and adding them to a layer (not since Andy modified the Silhouette plugin to include the SD and the Cameo)

    00:58:35 Shaped Card – Demo of how to make a shaped card from a graphic image using the alpha channel trace and adding the score line (several examples shown)

    01:47:18 How to IMPORT a VECTOR PDF file (note: it has to be a VECTOR PDF) Bryan explains difference in a vector PDF and a raster PDF

    01:53:20 How to handle a PDF that is NOT a vector file but a RASTER PDF (short answer – you have to do a pixel trace just like all raster files)

    01:56:40 Discussion of programs that can be used to create a VECTOR PDF (note: you cannot change a raster image simply by saving it as a PDF or SVG file – thus you cannot simply open a raster image in Inkscape and save it as a PDF or SVG file – you have to “convert” the images to a “path”)
    02:02:30 Can you set the cutting order of shapes in MTC before sending to cut? Technically. No. It goes right to left and inside shapes to outside shapes BUT MTC will allow you to use “layers” to help control cutting orders (turning layers off and on)

    02:13:00 ? about Copam cutter plugin – is it in the works – No, no plugins are presently on the front burner. Andy needs a cutter in order to most easily write a plugin and he doesn’t have one to test it with.

    02:18:30 status of MAC version of MTC - still in Beta(testing) mode. Not setup to test with other cutters other than the Zing. If interested in getting a copy send an email to support@make-the-cut.com. (Note: you could use MAC version to design and transfer to PC version to cut with cutter)

    02:20:00 How to find an “open path” to close it

    02:24:25 Shortcut keys not always working – Bryan discusses few instances where user could have this problem and what to check

    02:26:40 Why does MTC “seem or appear “ t o cut “slower” when doing curves or circles

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  4. This video shows how to covert a series of curved segments into straight lines using the node editing function in Make The Cut.

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