1. During Paul's second missionary journey he stopped in Ephesus and reasonsed with the Jews in the sysnagogue. He didn't stay there long but left, his friends and fellow believers Aquila and Priscilaa stayed behind. A learned and eloquent man from Alexandria, Apollos, came into the town teaching about Jesus. Apollos’s teachings had notable holes! Apollos understood the baptism taught by John the Baptist, but failed to grasp the full import of Christ's death and resurrection. He was not teaching about the Baptism of Christ and the subsequent gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank goodness Priscilla and Aquila were there. In this lesson you find out how they attempted to fill in Apollos knowledge about Christ and the reaction Apollos exhibited when they did!
    During Paul's third missionary journey, he again returns to Ephesus, a place known for it's magic! They even worshipped a meteroite (not knowing what it was they built a temple to it!) The Holy Spirit through Paul works real magic in healings and life changing events. Learn how in this lesson!

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  2. While in Thessalonica Paul won some converts, but his message was considered a threat to the Romans. Paul was forced to leave the city under duress. He was prohibited from finishing his teaching to the early church. They were confused regarding “the Last Things”.
    Paul’s letters focused on cleaning up this confusion. Paul’s aim was to encourage the early church as to the second coming of Christ and the establishment of his eternal kingdom.

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  3. In Paul’s 2nd letter to the Thessalonians, he identifies God as our Father, showing the commonality of all believers before God. He is thankful to God for the church’s ever growing faith and love and steadfastness in light of persecutions.
    Paul wrote about the 2nd coming of Jesus in more detail, reminding the Thessalonians not to be confused about a false letter claiming to be from Paul, trying to deceive them that Jesus had already come.
    At close he asks the church to pray for his missionary team, and to work and pay their own way. Paul said, “No work, no food!” He urges the church to stay fresh in living right and doing good.

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  4. While in Corinth, Paul wrote 2 letters to the church in Thessalonica. Because he had to leave Thessalonica so suddenly, and flee to Corinth, due to the threatening crowd, he was concerned about the new followers he left behind. He wrote them letters encouraging them to continue in the church’s faith and steadfastness. He told them he was proud of them for accepting his message as the very word of God, and encouraged them to continue in faith and service of the living and true God.

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  5. Paul went to Corinth from Athens. Corinth, by all accounts was a wealthy and vibrant city, mostly due the unique location for trade and travel. Positioned with two harbors, one that faced Italy to the west and another facing Turkey to the East the route through Corinth was the safest way to sail from Italy to Troas, Ephesus, or other key cities in the eastern Mediterranean. While in Corinth, one night Paul had a vision from God where God told Paul not to fear, for in Corinth he would neither be attacked nor harmed. God was true to his word, and Paul stayed in Corinth for a full year and a half, longer than any city up to that point on his missionary trips. Corinth was the safest route for ships, and God used Corinth as a safe harbor for Paul to continue his missionary work without the violent persecutions that had marked the earlier Journey.

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