1. short movie, which i had made by playing with different styles of animation

    Buy print here:

    sound background:
    Vector Lovers - Clandestine

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  2. Hello everyone, I thought it would be fun to cut together a reel including all the work from my graduating class. All work included has been produced at Otis College of Art and Design.

    We're also having a showing of our work on May 9th and May 10th. The 9th is for industry types and 10th is for family and friends. Try to make it out if you want to see more of our work.

    9045 Lincoln Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90045

    Hope you guys enjoy!

    Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang

    Daniel Zhang - danielmzhang.tv
    Sang Yup Kim - yupkim.tv
    Peter Lee - peterjaylee.com
    Shawn Kim - sshawnkimm.com
    Samantha Wei - sammiewei.tv
    Shawn Lee - shawnlee.tv
    Christabel Kim - cbell.tv
    Lucy Kim - lucykim.tv
    Lauren Tom - laurentom.tv
    Jodie Pang - jodiepang.net
    Silvia Yom - syom.tv
    Nhi Vo - nhivo.tv
    Sun Ah Kim - sunahkim.tv
    Alexis Lim - halfpint.tv
    Alex Kim - alsik.tv
    Jessica So-Hee Kim - jskdesigns.tv
    Harumi Yoshida - haruume.com

    Not in Motion but shown here.
    Chad De la Iglesia - delaiglesiaart.com

    00:00 Nhi Vo
    00:01 Silvia Yom
    00:02 Shawn Lee
    00:03 Lucy Kim
    00:04 Alex Kim
    00:05 Sang Yup Kim
    00:06 Sun Ah Kim
    00:07 Shawn Kim
    00:08 Peter Lee
    00:09 Christabel Kim
    00:10 Daniel Zhang
    00:11 Alexis Lim, Jodie Pang, Samantha Wei
    00:15 Shawn Kim
    00:16 Sang Yup Kim
    00:19 Lucy Kim
    00:20 Shawn Lee, Christabel Kim
    00:22 Silvia Yom
    00:24 Daniel Zhang
    00:26 Peter Lee
    00:28 Jodie Pang
    00:30 Nhi Vo
    00:32 Lauren Tom
    00:35 Shawn Lee
    00:36 Sun Ah Kim
    00:38 Samantha Wei
    00:41 Jessica So-Hee Kim
    00:42 Alex Kim
    00:44 Alexis Lim
    00:46 Harumi Yoshida
    00:49 Peter Lee
    00:52 Shawn Lee, Silvia Yom
    00:55 Sang Yup Kim, Lucy Kim
    00:57 Shawn Kim
    00:59 Daniel Zhang
    01:02 Jodie Pang
    01:04 Silvia Yom
    01:06 Lauren Tom
    01:08 Samantha Wei
    01:10 Alexis Lim
    01:12 Nhi Vo
    01:14 Sang Yup Kim
    01:17 Lucy Kim, Christabel Kim, Character Animation by Chad De la Iglesia
    01:19 Shawn Lee
    01:22 Sun Ah Kim
    01:24 Daniel Zhang
    01:27 Peter Lee
    01:28 Jessica So-Hee Kim
    01:30 Christabel Kim
    01:32 Lauren Tom
    01:33 Jodie Pang
    01:35 Alex Kim
    01:37 Alexis Lim
    01:41 Shawn Kim
    01:42 Lucy Kim
    01:45 Jodie Pang
    01:48 Sang Yup Kim
    01:51 Silvia Yom
    01:53 Shawn Lee
    01:54 Peter Lee
    01:56 Samantha Wei
    01:57 Sun Ah Kim
    02:00 Daniel Zhang, Shawn Kim, Samantha Wei, Alexis Lim
    02:02 Nhi Vo
    02:04 Jodie Pang
    02:07 Alexis Lim
    02:08 Lucy Kim, Sang Yup Kim
    02:10 Shawn Kim, Daniel Zhang
    02:12 Silvia Yom
    02:14 Peter Lee
    02:16 Daniel Zhang
    02:17 Sun Ah Kim
    02:18 Peter Lee
    02:20 Shawn Lee
    02:24 Sang Yup Kim

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  4. Made for the "Make it real" challenge on Instructables, instructables.com/contest/makeitreal/?show=INFO

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  5. outdoorresearch.com

    In summer 2011, Outdoor Research athlete Kyle Dempster took off on his bike across Kyrgyzstan with a couple mostly-accurate maps, a trailer full of climbing gear, and a vocabulary of 10 Kyrgyz words. He spent two months pedaling and pushing the bike more than 1200 km on roads of variable states of neglect, wading through wild rivers, dealing with corrupt military checkpoint staff, and soloing a handful of unclimbed alpine rock and mixed routes. He recorded the journey, his camera his only partner, friend, and sometimes the only receiving end of his conversations for days at a time.

    In 2013, Kyle’s self-shot footage of his journey in Kyrgyzstan made it to the desk of filmmakers Fitz Cahall and Austin Siadak, who were asked to look at the footage and see if there might be enough to chop together a 4-minute climbing film. They saw a lot more potential in it, and turned it into the 25-minute “The Road From Karakol,” which debuted at the 5Point Film Festival and took home the Best In Fest award.

    Artist: Lemolo
    Song: Open Air

    Artist: Exit Music
    Song: Modern Age

    Original score by Amy Stolzenbach

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