1. This video compares identical clips from the GOD PROVIDES FILM SERIES (Crown Financial Ministries) - LAZARUS & RICH MAN - first in English ... then the same clip dubbed into the Karen language. Dubbing Biblical films into vernacular languages is one of the primary ways Project VIDEO evangelists proclaim the Gospel through video in Asia.

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  2. In the West, Leprosy is sometimes viewed as an archaic word that conjures up images of people with shriveled limbs on the jagged edges of some ancient society. For those who suffer from this disease in the 21st century however, their fate is often no different than those to whom Jesus showed compassion in first century Palestine. Learn how Vineyard Columbus has been partnering with our brothers and sisters in Zambia, to help the least and the last.

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  3. If anyone experiences A calamity—whether a serious extended health problem, a financial crisis, a divorce, and so on… Anyone could find themselves without the common comforts of life—even a place to live.


    Poverty is defined as “Not Having What You Need.”

    We have today what we call Latter-Day Lepers: Folks who are viewed as those who don’t contribute to society in a positive way, deemed as unworthy of dignity and respect. Not having the basic necessities of life—the things they need to maintain dignity as God’s image bearers—His children.

    In the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 25, Jesus reminds Israel of their extraordinary responsibility to those in poverty; to the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, those needing clothes, the sick, and imprisoned. He reminds us of the consequences of inaction and complacency, and also of the rewards we share in meeting these needs. He identifies Himself as the recipient.

    When two traumas come together at the same time creating a perfect storm of calamity, ANYONE can find themselves in a crisis, need and want. That is the overwhelming majority of Homelessness, and those suffering from chronic trauma in a compassionate, civilized community should be given extraordinary care.

    Claudio Oliver asks the question, “How long would it take you to recover, if you were to lose everything?” noting that people with caring family and friends recover very quickly, and further explains that those in poverty don’t, because they “lack friends.”

    We need a permanent MAIN St Shelter in Pottstown. The difficulties are growing, and people are unsafe. It will be expensive, but they need a building year-round, and friends to care.

    Could YOU HELP? Could you be a friend to the Later-Day Lepers—The Least among us in the Greater Pottstown area? To your neighbors, WHO DO NOT HAVE A PLACE TO SLEEP TONIGHT?


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  4. "If You are willing..." Those words lingered in the air. The man who spoke them with his face to the ground in shame was covered with leprosy. In Jesus' day, no one dared touch a leper because the disease was not only disgusting-eating away body parts little by little-it was greatly feared to be highly contagious through contact. This slow, painful killer was also hereditary and thought to be punishment for sin.
    Mathew first tells this story, which is echoed by Mark and Luke. Multitudes were following Jesus from "sermon on the mount" when leprous man dropped to his knees at the feet of Jesus. The crowd around him surely took a step back and fell silent. The man's humble plea could be heard by all, "Lord, if You are willing, you can make me clean."
    By law, Jesus had every right to tell the man to report to the priest and to do that which was ceremonially necessary to be cleansed. The Lord could have continued unhindered on His way with a great crowd behind Him. But
    Jesus doesn't not operate that way and does not expect His children to either.
    As the story goes, "Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. 'I am willing,' he said. 'Be clean!'
    Immediately he was cured of his leprosy" (Mathew 8:3).
    Those words "If You are willing," must pierced the heart of Jesus. Of course He was willing!

    Bringing hope,

    Lost Orphans International

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  5. Though the homeless here in the U.S. have real needs, far greater needs exist throughout the world. See how those served by our 5th Ave Pantry are helping a leper colony in Zambia, Africa.

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