1. Music: Congorock - Ivory (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

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    00:00 Hugo Boss-Anthropocene bit.ly/1blr7YQ
    00:05 Delta Thank You bit.ly/1bpSa8Q
    00:07 Guinness Clock bit.ly/17kc3JS
    00:10 The Bureau XCOM Declassified bit.ly/17kc4h5
    00:13 Bamford Watch Department Promo Film bit.ly/16X8zQG
    00:15 Calvin Klein Encounter bit.ly/HT3qiH
    00:16 Savoir Adore Regalia bit.ly/17rkcBD
    00:16 Spotify Your Music bit.ly/1bpTyIC
    00:25 The Aftermath The Bureau XCOM Declassified bit.ly/17kc4h5
    00:29 Savoir Adore Regalia bit.ly/17rkcBD
    00:31 Lincoln Brand Film bit.ly/1alzV3b
    00:34 Dyson N260 Japan bit.ly/18pCs9s
    00:35 Calvin Klein Encounters bit.ly/HT3qiH
    00:35 Lincoln Brand Film bit.ly/1alzV3b
    00:36 Powerade Power Through bit.ly/HT3DCG
    00:38 Nissan Versa Door Trip bit.ly/HJV4dC
    00:42 Facebook The Things That Connect Us bit.ly/1blrz9y
    00:44 Persil For Whatever Life Throws bit.ly/1hBhrCa
    00:46 Valspar Choices bit.ly/1checsL
    00:50 Johnnie Walker Change the Game (Bruce Lee) bit.ly/1j0wKjg
    00:54 Southern Comfort Karate bit.ly/1dZMToU
    00:56 Chevy Sonic Milk Run bit.ly/1blrHWD
    01:03 DirecTV Car Chase bit.ly/180NG7L
    01:05 EA Need for Speed Showdown bit.ly/1hBhDl1
    01:06 BlackBerry My New BlackBerry bit.ly/1gEpYTq
    01:09 Nintendo Pikmin 3 Battle Call bit.ly/1bwHrYm
    01:11 Wrigley’s Accuracy bit.ly/1hBhKNw
    01:12 NBC Revolution bit.ly/HJVhxk
    01:13 Verizon Flight Suit bit.ly/17QtbwK
    01:16 Glidden Chip Beast bit.ly/180NUvV
    01:20 Old Spice Terry Chest Drum bit.ly/180NYM7
    01:21 BT Sport bit.ly/19YANLO
    01:22 Jameson Iron Horse bit.ly/17rkDfr
    01:23 X Box One bit.ly/HT4cfz
    01:24 Playstation Perfect Day bit.ly/1fxxJaQ
    01:29 Playstation The All Star bit.ly/16X9oss
    01:32 National Geographic Killing Kennedy bit.ly/1dZNmHI
    01:40 Sigur Ros Fjogur Piano bit.ly/HJVpNc
    01:43 PETA 98% Human bit.ly/1dZNqak
    01:47 Toyota Avalon bit.ly/1bls7fq
    01:51 London Grammar Strong bit.ly/1hBifXT
    01:52 Bamford Watch Department Promo bit.ly/16X8zQG
    01:55 Vikings Main Titles bit.ly/HT4mDO
    01:57 Bud Light Lucky Chair bit.ly/HOppYD
    01:58 London Grammar Strong bit.ly/1hBifXT
    02:01 Lincoln Brand Film bit.ly/1alzV3b
    02:02 Hyundai More Than Metal bit.ly/16X9Gji
    02:03 Muse Supremacy bit.ly/1gEqEbC
    02:07 Land Rover The Collector bit.ly/1fxy2m0
    02:07 Smithwick’s Squirrel bit.ly/HT4DXa
    02:11 Hennessy The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down bit.ly/1i3ce3R
    02:16 Die Hard The Getaway bit.ly/1gEqLDS
    02:18 Call of Duty Ghost Activision bit.ly/1brvWTQ
    02:25 Brand Jordan Make the Game bit.ly/1bmqcHv
    02:26 Lurpak The Cook bit.ly/HRR8rK
    02:28 The Fields Trailer bit.ly/17RE952
    02:30 Hugo Boss Anthropocene bit.ly/1blr7YQ
    02:32 Audi Bravery bit.ly/17lJX15
    02:33 Guinness Cloud bit.ly/1aR06l7
    02:36 Diesel Denim Jogg Denimhttp://bit.ly/1gFWtRd
    02:39 Sims The Arrival bit.ly/1bznBvA
    02:40 Samsung The Developer bit.ly/1cR9JBP
    02:42 James Blake Retrograde bit.ly/17REe98
    02:45 British Airways To Fly To Serve bit.ly/HKSNih
    02:46 Footlocker Sneaker Decks bit.ly/1amZKQz
    02:49 Powerade Liquid Ball 1 bit.ly/1brwhWQ
    02:50 Brand Jordan Make the Game bit.ly/1bmqcHv
    02:51 BT Sport bit.ly/19YANLO
    02:53 James Blake Retrograde bit.ly/17REe98
    02:54 British Airways To Fly to Serve bit.ly/HKSNih
    02:57 Mercedes Sound with Power bit.ly/1hCJUrn
    02:59 Mercedes Luminaries bit.ly/1bmqyxQ
    03:01 Mitsubishi Tomorrow bit.ly/1fyIKZm
    03:04 British Airways To Fly to Serve bit.ly/HKSNih
    03:05 Mercedes Alignment bit.ly/17sk7xI
    03:05 Call of Duty Ghosts Epic Night Out bit.ly/17RErc8
    03:09 Facebook The Things That Connect Us bit.ly/1blrz9y
    03:12 Muse Supremacy bit.ly/1gEqEbC
    03:15 YDA 2013 Title Sequence bit.ly/1brwwRL
    03:18 Bamford Watch Department Promo bit.ly/16X8zQG
    03:19 YDA ‘2013 Title Sequence bit.ly/1brwwRL
    03:20 MTV VMA 2013 bit.ly/1eHHntK
    03:29 Playstation Greatness Awaits bit.ly/1e1bCZO
    03:30 Gatorade Lightning Bolt bit.ly/1cRahYp
    03:32 Lady Gaga Applause bit.ly/1e1bF8c
    03:35 The Aftermath The Bureau XCOM Declassified bit.ly/1bmqGgR
    03:38 The Guardian Three Little Pigs bit.ly/17REC7m
    03:39 The Aftermath The Bureau XCOM Declassified bit.ly/1bmqGgR
    03:40 Blondie Tour Graphics bit.ly/1e1bKc1
    03:41 CFDA Vera Wang bit.ly/1bmqJtg
    03:43 RSPB Home bit.ly/1e1bJ7L
    03:45 Lincoln Brand Film bit.ly/1alzV3b
    03:50 James Blake Retrograde bit.ly/17REe98

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  2. He did it before - on trees, ropes, chairs, kitchen countertops and even between two driving trucks...

    ...but this is the new level.

    Created by: twitter.com/lastcausefilm

    The clip on youtube: bit.ly/1o6LZKc

    A hommage to Volvo - Epic Split

    Original music by Enya

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  4. CONSTRUCT is a Sci-Fi short film advancing the art of filmmaking, VFX and virtual production.

    This teaser was presented as part of a tech demo at Nvidia's GTC conference March 25, 2014. This is a work in progress intended to illustrate recent advancements in graphics hardware and software capabilities.

    Watch how we're pioneering new filmmaking and virtual production workflows.

    Special thanks to Chaos Group, NVIDIA, Boxx, OptiTrack, iTooSoft, Just Cause Entertainment and the AMAZINGLY TALENTED team of artists, actors and stunt performers who've supported this project.

    1. Rendered using V-Ray RT GPU 3.0 for 3ds Max
    2. Rendered with NVIDIA K6000s and K40s on 3DBOXX 4920 GPU Edition
    3. Typical video RAM usage 6-7GB
    4. Typical render time 5-10 minutes (DOF and motion blur are all rendered in camera)

    CONSTRUCT in its entirety is coming soon...

    For more info:

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  5. Every day, between two and three thousand aircraft fly across the North Atlantic between Canada, the United States and Europe. Airspace across the North Atlantic is divided into six Oceanic Control Areas (or OCAs). These OCAs are controlled by Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) working at different locations in different Countries.

    NATS, working with the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority), is responsible for providing the air traffic control service to the Shanwick OCA. The IAA service is provided from Shannon in Ireland, and the NATS service provided from Prestwick in Scotland (hence ‘Shanwick’).

    The Shanwick OCA is the busiest of all North Atlantic Airspace regions. It is often referred to as ‘the gateway to Europe’ and around 80% of all North Atlantic Air Traffic passes through it, demonstrating the strategic importance of our Prestwick Centre and UK airspace.

    This visualization shows Transatlantic traffic over a 24 hour period taken from a day in August last year and shows 2,524 flights crossing the North Atlantic, of which 1,273 pass through the Shanwick OCA. At our busiest periods in the Summer, traffic can peak at 1,500 flights a day passing through the Shanwick OCA.

    Find out more on our blog: nats.aero/blog/2014/06/north-atlantic-skies-gateway-europe/

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