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    Here's the photos:

    This was a chaotic day. I originally planned to shoot this with a GH2 but unfortunately my pre-order is running late. I’m telling myself to not worry too much about it and at least the 14-140mm lens got a firmware update. I was able to borrow a glidecam but I said let me try out the updated firmware. The bad news is that I did not realize that the stabilizer was off. The videos are one thing but some of my photos could have looked better. This is really not funny at all! Still, even if I did bring a glidecam, in some of my shots it wouldn’t have been a good idea since the last thing I need is to bang someone with it by accident. With all that said, it would have been even better if I had a TM700 or SDT750. Those camcorders are far, far better off for shooting events like this although in the indoor scenes, that you’ll see in part 4, either a GH1 or GH2 is more ideal since I’d be using the 20mm lens.

    I was thinking that there would probably be very little women in that event but it was not that bad. It would take a lot to get me to be one of the participants in that event but before I went I figured they’d be enough men as is. Maybe If I decided to drink a lot, I’d not pay attention to my state of dress. A lot of these people were drinking a lot before they got to run in the street.

    As you’ll see in this video, there were really a lot of people. I got myself tired holding the camera up in the air trying to record every single person coming out of the pub, which is called Lir Tavern on 903 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Basically part 1 consists mostly of a few people fooling around outside and the people coming out of the Pub. Part 2 will have scenes of me walking around the street recording everybody Part 3 is mostly in the sidewalk since the police kicked us out. Part 4 is when I finally decided to enter the Pub and see what action I will find. Now I could have gotten much more footage especially once all the people get out of the pub to go home and obviously a lot of them will be extremely drunk by that time so who know what kind of footage I missed but I really didn’t felt like staying longer and decided to go home.

    Part 3 and 4 will be up within a few days!

    I have other events that aren’t online yet but I figured its best to get this one online as quickly as possible.

    Here’s a web site to see what this event is about.

    Would I have liked a better shooting experience on that day? Hell yeh!, but one thing for sure, at least I recorded that event. I’ve said this in another video but it’s like I’m recording history when I documenting these events.

    Recorded in 720 60p and exported to 720 60p to preserve the quality.

    Here is the 2011 version recorded on the 10th of December:
    I might post a Vimeo version in the future.

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  2. Revere Beach, Massachusetts

    At first I told myself that I’m going to record that event no matter what and then when I see that I have other important things to do, I said to myself that I need to play it safe and not go. On the day of the event I decided that recording it is just as important. I love shooting events and it’s like I’m performing a duty when I’m recording an event. I’m basically recording history. Another thing that finally got me to go is the fact that I especially like recording stuff with a lot of fast motion such as martial arts, gymnastics performances, stunts, etc.

    When I finally got their, I got a little pissed that their wasn’t going to be any martial arts today and that it’s only going to be the dance and gymnastics performances.

    In the links at the bottom, you’ll see last year’s version that had both gymnastics and martial arts. When I first used the GH1, it was a pain in neck holding it but I eventually got used to it. As you can see, although it was completely hand held without any support at all, it’s still not bad.

    The lens used is the 14-140mm and the camera was on the intelligent Auto setting. The recording mode was 720 60p, edited in Premiere CS5 and exported to 720 60p to preserve as much quality as possible.

    Funny story about my name being tilted. When I was going to change the size and perhaps move it a little bit, I accidently tilted my name. I said to myself, not a bad idea so I tilted to how I wanted it on part 1 and put the same graphic on all of the other videos. As you can see, I skipped the order of videos that I’m uploading. Because this file is so big, I wanted to get this file up before I do the rest. It was painful trying to upload a file close to 2 gigs!

    2009 version:

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  3. teaser du spectacle pour la promotion

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  4. "One Day 49"est une libre promenade à travers trois espaces singuliers.Le spectateur,d'abord invité à faire don d'un objet au sanctuaire d'une civilisation perdue,croise d'étranges cerbères et redécouvre avec eux,au fil d'histoires contées,les fragments de mémoire de ces vestiges. Puis guidé vers des alignements de chemises flottant au vent,il est plongé dans le monde du récit de l'intime.Au delà,il découvre un lieu d'exode.Une armée de totems est déplacée par une tribu d'acteurs-danseurs.....(texte du programme du festival)
    Chalon dans la Rue 2004 Cie Styx Theater Serge Noyelle

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  5. 08/08/2008 - Portimão | Portugal

    La Fura dels Baus, grupo teatral de origem catalã, revelando ao público de Portimão o espectáculo Naumaquia, a partir de um dos navios que possuem, a Naumon.
    Estreado em Maio de 2004 a propósito do Forum Barcelona, este evento consagra o heterodoxo espaço cénico, aliando-o a uma activa participação por parte da comunidade autóctone, já que é esta que compõe grande parte do elenco - tal como nos refere Marc, um catalão que viaja com a Fura há um par de anos. "Os nossos espectáculos procuram integrar ao máximo as pessoas locais, tornando-as peças activas neste jogo cénico que é a Fura dels Baus. Todo o espectáculo é adaptado ao local e ao idioma, hoje em português com actores e figurantes portugueses, amanhã com gregos ou franceses. Estivémos inclusivé em Taiwan e há sempre uma integração ao nível dos elementos e do idioma."

    La Fura dels Baus es un grupo de teatro español. Creado en Barcelona en 1979, se define desde muy pronto como un grupo de teatro urbano que busca un espacio escénico distinto del tradicional. La base de su trabajo está formada por una gama de recursos escénicos que incluyen música, movimiento, uso de materiales naturales e industriales, aplicación de nuevas tecnologías y la implicación del espectador directamente en el espectáculo. Todo está dominado por una creación colectiva donde el actor y el autor eran una misma entidad. Esta estética creará su propia definición con el término "lenguaje furero".
    Durante los años noventa la compañía ha extendido sus proyectos artísticos al teatro de texto, el teatro digital, la ópera o la realización de grandes eventos, entre otras actividades.

    NAUMON is a la Fura's ship, a floating performing arts center that has been to ports like Barcelona, Sardinia, Portugal, Beirut, Taipei, Newcastle or Haifa carrying various artistic, educational and cultural containers.Including the shows NAUMAQUIA, SUB, TERRAMAQUIA and MATRIA.

    La Fura dels Baus is one of the world’s most electrifying performance companies.Their visually amazing productions have been seen worldwide. They are still probably best known for orchestrating the opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, though more recently they’ve been getting a lot of press for their forays into opera and other big scale events such as those on their ship "Naumon", a huge floating performing arts center.
    La Fura dels Baus is a Catalan theatrical group founded in 1979 in Barcelona known for their urban theatre, use of unusual settings and blurring of the boundaries separating audience and actor.

    La Fura dels Baus is a company in a permanent process of transformation that, since it was founded in 1979, has approached new challenges in the field of the performing arts. Its occasional shows and events have had an enormous impact on both international critics and audiences. It would be no exaggeration to say that since Actions (1983) La Fura dels Baus can be considered as a cult group for its thousands of followers all over the world. La Fura has developed its own language, style and aesthetics over the years based on collective creation.

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Théâtre de Rue - Street Theater


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