1. A reference version of DARK at 16:9 720P H.264 with static crop/virtual camera.
    Cropped from Fulldome 360º x 180º @ 4K.
    Downsampled from 16:9 1080P 422 Prorez,
    Audio is Stereo LR AAC 48Khz.


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  2. A photogrammetric reconstruction of Frank Hurley's Darkroom, Mawson's Huts, Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica.


    This is basically the raw poly data with reasonable texture maps, rendered in fisheye - the room is so tiny it is impossible to ever view it this way in reality. It's barely large enough to stand in. It's freezing cold.

    The photographs used as source material were shot (mainly) for spherical panoramas (see my fulldome movie 'Frozen in Time' (vimeo.com/1618365) - which is the worst option for photogrammetry, with a central frustum - it's all about depth calculations through image disparity that counts. Nevertheless, this has turned out remarkably well (all shot on a Canon Pro 1 in 2007-8) - for shooting in a tiny, entirely dark space, without a flash (I used a torch.) There's a number of photos taken from different axes.

    The derived geometry is obviously noisy, with a pleasant cartoon quality - so the next step involves cleaning up what are (or should be) coplanar vertices into beautiful simple planes, with nice textures: the model doesn't need all that geometry; time for some Quadratic Edge Collapse Decimation (with texture)! Thanks Paul Bourke (as ever) for advice on this. I remain eternally optimistic - especially as this is both fun and it's now possible to play around-with on a home computer (a fast one, that is.)

    It strikes me - a collision of the old and the new and the same: Frank Hurley, his darkroom, 'chemical' photography - this darkroom that was built more than a century ago. It's all still based upon the same physical, optical principles that cameras had then, yet now, in concert with computers - we can picture and algorithmically extract information to reconstruct this space in 3D, suitable for stereoscopic immersion technologies. Maybe it's a conceit, but I can't help but think that Mr Hurley would've been very interested in the possibilities. He had a stereoscopic camera with him, after all.

    Royalty-Free Music from Final Cut Pro: "Off Broadway.caf"

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  3. A draft model photogrammetric reconstruction of the Transit Hut, Cape Denison, Antarctica.
    The Transit Hut is part of the Cape Denison Historic Site of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-14).
    Info about the Transit Hut: mawsonshuts.antarctica.gov.au/national-heritage/the-physical-remains/transit-hut
    This model is photogrammetrically derived from photographs I took of the Hut in 2007-8.
    The model is about ~300,000 polygons. It's basically a test, at this stage, to determine the most effective resolution for varying purposes (e.g.. VR, animation, 3D printing) and appropriate methodologies for remeshing, adaptive polygon reduction in certain regions, increasing detail in others.

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  4. An afternoon and evening faffing around with the Oculus Rift DK1 and Unity 3D, getting a first very rough sketch of my 'Mawson's Huts Antarcica VR experience' working - a test-bed for future work in virtual heritage visualisation.

    The technology/software is currently a bit flaky (lots of crashes when I was making this), but thank goodness it exists at all - a myriad very interesting possibilities for the future. In 5 years it'll be pretty great, in 10 years it will be extraordinary and consumer-standard. In 20, cheap as chips, ultra--super-dooper-high resolution. And the thing that will make the difference is the content and the stories and the places and phenomenology, and the interfaces for building and social interaction, as the technological novelty moves into the background. Hopefully not all owned by giant multinational corporations, but opensource and encrypted. Fingers crossed.

    Anyway, this demo is very rough, but it works remarkably well - no polish here, straight off the stove & unrehearsed. I suppose I should make a more polished presentation at some point, without my amazingly creaky chair!

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  5. Live at the Lark Distillery, Hobart, Tasmania - April 2014.

    This was shot handheld on a 5DMkII with a big lens. I'll use a tripod next time - such a heavy camera. Anyway, it came out OK for a single-cam handheld shoot.

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