1. rounded binary was shown at our solo show at die Botschaft (mayarouvelle.com/?p=586), and is a kinetic sound work that has two states: spinning and stationary. when spinning, the tape on the motor creates the illusion of a circle - but changes in speed and direction of the motor produce varying tones and a shadow reveals the tape attached to the shaft to be irregularly shaped. when the motor stops spinning the jagged shape of the tape and lack of sound/motion create the illusion of a static sculptural object.

    still images here: flickr.com/photos/mayarouvelle/sets/72157631779304339/

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  2. inversi was shown at our solo show at die Botschaft (mayarouvelle.com/?p=586), and is made of an algorithmically generated, 3-d printed object, micro-controllers,LEDs, and a pellegrino bottle. the code varies the frequency and occasionally blinks each LED. the effect of the simultaneous differing frequencies is that the piece appears to shimmer at different speeds across its surfaces, creating optical interference patters. the piece was situated on a marble mantel in the gallery and is a meditation on scale, mass production and the projection of code across three dimensions.

    still images here: flickr.com/photos/mayarouvelle/sets/72157631779471035/

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  3. these are detail shots from rapport, shown at our solo show at die Botschaft (mayarouvelle.com/?p=586).

    rapport is composed of two similar objects that can be seen as both unified and distinct. each has its own LED array and micro-controller - the code for each is identical and contains randomized elements. the LEDs in each are identical but the materials around them are different, evoking unique qualities of light. the common code causes the two objects to sync and then individuate slowly and randomly. the furniture, found on site, is both support and external, integrated and formal. each element contributes to a rhythm of cohesion and individuation.

    still images here: flickr.com/photos/mayarouvelle/sets/72157631779260001/with/8091933744/

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  4. these are a series of detail shots from our piece 'through continuo', currently installed at the brooklyn zen center for the exhibit 'silence and noise', curated by noah fisher and terence caulkins. for a complete set of photos please visit our flickr site, flickr.com/photos/mayarouvelle/sets/72157629963469306/. 'through continuo' features sound and LED activity that is hard to capture. the audio is intentionally at the threshold of hearing.

    'through continuo' is a constellation of events. some are random: gamma-ray detection and the presence and behaviors of visitors, and some are composed: the sonification of the gamma-rays (the quiet pops and clicks one hears around the work), the look of the installation, and the changing frequencies of the LEDs. "frequencies of the LEDs" refers not to the brightening and dimming, but to the changing rates of pulsation.

    viewers experience gamma radiation as sound and light. the relationship between the gamma-ray detection and the pops and clicks of sound is linear, 1:1. the relationship between the soft pops and clicks to changes in the frequencies of the LEDs is statistical, non linear. each led has its own pattern of brightening, dimming, and pulsating, and those behaviors are influenced by a statistical analysis of gamma-ray detection in real time.

    essentially, the work has linear and logarithmic relationships based on random events. for the viewer, this creates an experience that oscillates between one's impulse to understand events as sequential/temporal and a work that is inherently spectral, i.e., based on persistent, shifting frequencies.

    in the context of binary title of this show, Silence and Noise, we're thinking about time and frequency, and how one's experience is persistently both, but how from an increasing number of perspectives time is an illusion unique to the human mind. the universe, it seems, is not sequence, it is waves - but we are wired so that to us its always both. in through continuo the linear relationship between the gamma-ray events and the audible clicks is a noise element in that it evokes the temporal mind, and the silence is the silence of the visible change in LED frequency. the Silence and Noise effect is that the work itself is an oscillation, a wavelet and an interval between the two.

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  5. composed of paper, wood, and electronics, ritornello exists as documentation of an ephemeral situation.

    the work is programmed and the program alternates between repeated and varying elements. the code controls a fragile assemblage of various materials and as it loops the assemblage decays.

    while the work has no subject, its contents include the illusion of time's control and the humility and wonder of making things in an atmosphere of change.

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