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  1. ∞porn films from 1910 years∞

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  2. △△orientation△△bodypaintingmaskvolkanergen△△

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  3. the first hot red water circulated in my body
    did not want to touch my brain for a while
    now I am crippled
    that’s all
    hundreds of people who appear in my day
    widely scent, texture
    their eyes grow on my body
    our touch is instant
    their fingers pointing, with their judgement stick on me
    I put on fire my monstrous stewpan when I turn back home
    by attaching the paper cutter to my shaking hands
    grave you above me
    like roasting under sun, scaring over
    for refreshing a lot of time
    we got so tired of being visible
    is not it possible if you do not stare on me?
    or if you allow to spit in you?

    volkan ergen


    Benim ülkemde farklı olmak, futursuzca bakılmaya, bazen parmakla işaret edilmeye, siz orada yokmuşsunuz gibi hakkınızda konuşulmaya maruz kalmak, yani duygusal olarak tacize uğramak demektir.
    Benim ülkemde sakatların pek çoğu aileleri tarafından saklanır. Sakatlık çoğunlukla “kötü” olarak algılanır. Acizlikle, “allah korusun”la birlikte anılırız biz. Sokaklarda sakat göremezsiniz, çünkü ülkem sakatlar için fiziksel şartların da olmadığı bir yerdir aynı zamanda.
    Benim ülkemde CP’li bireylerin hayatını kolaylaştıracak yüzlerce öneride bulunulabilir, yüzlerce soruna çözüm önerisi sunulabilir. Ama Türkiye’de CP’li bireylerin önündeki en büyük engel sosyal dışlanmadır.
    Ülkemde çıktığımda kendimi rahat hissedebileceğim, onbinlerce CP’li bireyin rahatça çıkabildiği sokaklar hayal ediyorum. Ve bu filmi her şeye rağmen sokakta olma cesaretini gösteren CP’li bireylere adıyorum.

    Being ‘different’ in my country usually means, being exposed to; stared at jauntily, pointed with a finger, talked about like you aren’t there; that is, being emotionally harrased.
    In my country, most of the handicapped people are kept hidden by their families. Being handicapped, mostly perceived as something “bad”. We’re associated with concepts like ‘impotence’ or ‘may God forbid’. You can’t see a lot of handicapped people on the streets because, here, there is a lot of physical obstacles around as well, once a handicap goes outside.
    In my country, it is possible to think about hundreds of suggestions, solutions, hundreds of answers to hundreds of unsolved problems. But in Türkiye, the biggest obstacle of all, is the social alienation.
    I dream of the streets of my country, where thousands of people with CP, out on the streets, freely being there. And I’d like to dedicate this movie to all people with CP, showing the courage of being outside, inspite of every other thing.

    pınar deniz



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  4. BREAKDOWN, a mashup of thousands of public domain samples, is the ageless tale of corrupt power-seekers perpetrating hideous deceptions on gullible masses. The New York Times called BREAKDOWN, in its Carnegie Hall premiere with the American Composers Orchestra “an uproarious bricolage of alien-invasion panic, financial distress, military might and patriotic sentiment.”


    When an unidentified object is spotted in space, observers immediately alert the government, now in the hands of the Illegal Party, puts the country on red alert: vast profits can be made from this unknown enemy. The propaganda machine generates fear in the public. Mesmerized by the righteous glories of war, people fall into step with the military drumbeat, and drift into total complacency to the lilt of a free market bandwagon. Many lose the power to question their government and cannot recognize the looming breakdown of their world. Others, moved by the government's disdain for its impoverished citizens, foment resistance. People march out to vote, but rigged voting booths open onto a worse fate. The smallest protest becomes a treasonous act and citizens are rounded up, imprisoned for interrogation, and ultimately tortured by a vindictive and triumphalist government.

    For the full, uncut version:

    PR Newswire:
    EIN Presswire:

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  5. De Natura Rerum ou La Chambre de Paracelsus
    Paracelsus was a famous alchemist, physician, astrologer, and general occultist. Born Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, he took the name Paracelsus later in life, meaning "superior to Celsus", an early Roman physician.
    The homunculus first appears by name in alchemical writings attributed to Paracelsus (1493-1541). De Natura Rerum (1537) outlines his method for creating homunculi.

    Homonculus Consultant & Performances / Isabel Pérez del Pulgar.
    Homonculus Video & Sound / Roland Quelven

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