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    Muusika: Telegraph Cabin " Train To Valencia"

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  2. (With an alternative song composed by Ila Cantor)

    "Poets, like the blind, can see in the dark."
    Jorge Luis Borges

    A little homage to the Argentinian poet Jorge Luis Borges, one of the greatest writers of all time. This video was shot in the winter of 2010 in Buenos Aires and Capilla del Señor, Argentina.

    Directed and shot by me with a Canon 5d. I edited and color graded it in Final Cut Pro using Twixtor, Knoll Light Factory and Magic Bullet.

    Alcidez Zonco as Borges

    Track: Gustavo Santaolalla - De Usuahia a la Quiaca - The Motorcycle Diaries Soundtrack

    Special thanks to the Zeppelin Films crew (for all the support and encouragement) , Raúl Outeda (for all the tips and insights of Borges life), Gabriela Mo and Max Laux (for helping me out with the editing and some post production issues).

    Lenses Used:

    Canon 50mm 1.4
    Lensbaby 50mm 2.0
    Canon Macro 100mm 2.8
    Sigma 10-20mm 3.5

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  3. *This is the second episode of "Another Day", a Cambodian Neo-Realism experiment.
    1st Episode: "Veasna's Painting":
    3rd Episode: "Bopha's Body":

    So our old landlord turned out to be a prick and wanted to keep all our security deposit, just because we decided to break the lease after 6 months as opposed to 11, which was the original agreement. But my wife had enough of the smell and the darkness of the house. Our bedroom was located next to a bathroom of an adjacent restaurant. And it was hardly contained. You can smell everything. You can hear everything. On top of that, we would find red ants on the bed and on our daughter's diaper tray. We had to get out as soon as we found a better place.

    We kept the old house immaculate. We brought gifts to the landlord and her grand kids when I came back from Japan. It didn't matter. They were keeping every dime of the deposit. So if we were to stay till July 7th, which was when the new apartment would be ready, the landlord's son was going to charge us extra rent per diem. We said forget it. We'd be out at the end of June. Bye bye.

    Then our new landlord also turned out to be a pain in the butt, for wanting to charge us rent from the beginning of July, when the previous renter had already paid the rent through July 8th!! Double dipping. No way Cambodian hustlers. So we said forget about it too. We'd move out of the old house at the end of June and wouldn't move in until the 8th of July. The gap was about a week. We'd be homeless during that time. "What should we do?" My wife and I discussed.

    Then we decided to do something spontaneous. Let's go to Battambang! It's the second largest city in Cambodia about 6 hour drive from Phnom Penh. She had to do some interview/research anyway with her Muslim relatives. I had... well... nothing to do.

    So I decided to try making a film while I was there.

    And this city of Battambang, which is about an hour from the Thai border and also where my wife was born, turned out to be a little charming hub of artists. The city immediately disarmed us due to (it took a few days to realize this) lack of barbed wires on building walls. Phnom Penh is all spikes all over the city. It cuts your eyes just by looking at it, and the visual experience of those barbed wires do some weird things to your head. Battambang was much slower. I saw much fewer Lexuses (= less corruption). And fellow Khmer artists were much more willing to collaborate and help out.

    I still had no idea what I'd do for the planned short film. Slacking off the entire week was also an attractive option. Then we were invited to Sammaki Gallery ( to do a presentation of Studio Revolt on Saturday and also to a Tea Party on Sunday. Darren Swallow, founder of Sammaki, introduced us to a few local artists on that Sunday and one of them was Cheat Sambath, who ended up playing the lead role, who happened to have time to do something with us on that week. I wasn't immediately convinced he was what I was looking for, but I began to entertain some ideas.

    On Monday we met again at a coffee shop near the river and he told me more about himself. Sambath was a painter and he was also teaching painting to people who were recovering from drug addiction. I asked more about the drug issues. I knew it was mostly methamphetamine, which is called "yama" here. Sambath started telling me how rampant it was in his neighborhood. I asked if I could come and check out his hood. Sambath was very happy to bring me there. I was not all that comfortable, so I brought my wife's research assistant, Vanny Kong, as bodyguard and we used her uncle as moto driver.

    Sambath's neighborhood was exactly how he described it. No alley was paved. Garbage was everywhere. In the middle of the hood was a slaughter house that let out streams of spillage mixed with animal excrement and blood to the neighboring area. There were prostitutes hanging out on the balcony in hammocks just outside his house next to an obnoxious karaoke bar, people gambling just next door, and people smoking "yama" in an abandoned hut behind his house. Of all this sighting of the unholy, the strangest thing I saw was Sambath's nonchalance about the entire situation. "That's the drug dealer," said he standing next to the drug dealer. "That's the prostitute," said he standing at their corner. "These people are smoking drug," said he as he stood by the doorless doorway of the drug den. It was like he was pointing out different flowers at a national park. He grew up there. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. "I hate it," said Sambath. "I want to move out soon." But he didn't have enough money. It amazed me as to how this young man kept his head straight in this environment.

    So all this gave me some idea of what I should do, and I came up with the basic story line of Samnang's Bear.

    The shooting was an awesome experience. I knew the general flow of the storyline but I only had Sambath. I added the "mother" character when we got there because she was there and she was Sambath's mother. Sambath brought in Sokthyna the "friend" character. Khmer people irk on his lines every time they watch the film but that's my fault. Pimp character, Sak, was a friend of Sambath's we ran into when we were doing the location scout. Sak is an MC and has his own local radio show. Pimp's henchmen, Chunnly and Dara are artists from Phare Ponleu Selpak ( They were looking for us in the area at night when we were shooting because they wanted to see how I'd film a movie alone. And they showed up in a big bunch. It was awesome. I thought I was doing it alone, then suddenly I had my own gang. Then I got the idea to add them to the Pimp's scene. That was a great decision. The dude who looks like Manny Pacquiao is Chunnly. He is an animator. He's leaving for France this August to study animation there for three years. I'm really excited for him. The Lady Boy scene was made possible with three moto head light beams, which were provided by these volunteers who lifted up their vehicles onto the sidewalk.

    So it was like this. I started that night just with me, Vanny, and Sambath. And by the end of the night I had 10 people crew/cast who popped out of nowhere. They followed us everywhere and helped out with what they could. It was nice to have that kind of crowd. It was fun and spontaneous. At the end of the night, I bought everyone ice cream. That was 50 cents each. I felt very special. Who would have thought you could make a film like that. You go in not knowing how it would work out, and you come out eating ice cream with ten new friends. Cambodia can be very generous sometimes.

    Thanks Battambang artists!!

    The original music was provided by Laurent Ziliani of Pear Up Media ( It's the same French dude who did original score for Instant Slapping and Yarning for Love. The Teddy bear was provided by Darren's daughter Padma. So Darren basically hooked me up with two leads. (Masahiro, 08/02/2011)

    Samnang's Bear was produced by Studio Revolt -

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  4. Synopsis : Dans une forêt géante couverte d'un grand manteau blanc, de drôles de petites créatures découvrent la neige... Elle les emporte dans un tourbillon d'ivresse et de joie à la rencontre d'étranges phénomènes.

    Oscar-shortlisted for Best Animated Short. In the depths of a great forest clad in a great white mantle, curious little creatures discover how beautiful, fascinating and white snow is… as it whirls them giddily on their way to extraordinary encounters with the strange and wonderful. A nocturnal tale brimming with tenderness.

    sur facebook : the silence beneath the bark

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  5. "All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun" Jean-Luc Godard, 16th May 1991

    With Holly Jacobson (, Pierre Marku, Adain Bradley, Matt Rogers & Morgan Leighton

    Directed, Filmed & Edited by me
    Assisted by Benjamin Davis
    Written by Leilani Holmes
    Sound by Farid El-Jazouli
    Music by Maryann & Michael Tedstone

    We have a Facebook page too:

    Shot on a Canon 60D

    Winner - Best Comedy - Toronto Urban Film Festival 2014 (with a silent 60sec version)
    1st place and winner of Audience Award at the 22nd Croatian One Minute Film Festival (Crominute) 2014 (with this abridged version:
    Winner of People's Choice Award in Filminute 2012 ( (with this abridged version:
    Winner of One Minute Movie Competition, Norwich Film Festival 2012 (with this abridged version:
    Winner - Videominuto2013, Prato, Italy (with this abridged version:
    Winner - jury audience's prize - best film - Mister Vorkys One Minute Film Festival, Serbia, 2014
    Honorable Mention (i.e. 2nd) in DepicT! 2011 (part of Encounters Short Film Festival)
    Winner of Best Comedy Short Film at Screen Stockport Film Festival
    Runner-up Shooting People Film of the Month August 2011

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This Channel is designed to showcase videos selected for (1) having a simple but powerful story, (2) being highly creative, and/or (3) making think, during and after.
Most of these films (English spoken or subtitled) have a minimal use of words or no

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This Channel is designed to showcase videos selected for (1) having a simple but powerful story, (2) being highly creative, and/or (3) making think, during and after.
Most of these films (English spoken or subtitled) have a minimal use of words or no words at all.
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