1. (One hour of boxing) In this video, JOIN Fitz as he takes you through 10,000 punches, 10 sets of 1,000 punches non-stop on the heavy bag, 75-85% intensity, rest 1 minute, 300 Power Body Punches Combos strong side, rest 1 minute and finishing with 300 Power Body Punches Combos weak side. If you ever have the temptation to speed up faster than Fitz's pace, don't speed up - instead hit the back even harder for maximum results. This work out is called "All about the POWER" for a reason. It's about power and endurance this time. Have fun, as always listen to your body, rest more if you have to, but above all, have fun! Message me anytime!

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  2. JOIN ME! In this one hour punches warmup/workout, Fitz combines the 10,000 Punches Circuit Warmup (2,000 jabs, 2,000 backfists, 2,000 hooks, 2,000 upper-cut body punches and 2,000 short straight punches with one minutes between punches type), with the 10,000 Punches Workout (10 sets of 1,000 Punches Workout with no rest). As with Mega Punches, your focus is speed and endurance the entire workout until the last set of 1,000 punches which is then all power, as much as is left.

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  3. Join Me! Join Fitz in this great punching warmup, "10,000 Punching Circuit Warmup" which consists of 2,000 Jabs(1,000 each arm) rest 1 min., 2,000 Backfists (1,000 each arm), rest 1 min., 2,000 Alternating hooks (1,000 each arm), rest 1 min.,2,000 Alternating uppercuts to the body (1,000 each arm), rest 1 min. and finally, 2,000 short straight punches (1,000 each arm). This warmup focuses on speed and endurance only, warming up the muscle groups, then move on to your more intense heavy bag, focus mitts, shadow boxing or sparring workouts. If you want to make this warmup a workout, simply add as many power punches as you can and it will take you to a new level. Above all, listen to your body, stop when you have to then continue. Any questions, message me. Go for it!

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  4. In this isometric workout, Fitz blasts the upper body and mixes 1 min. isometrics with :30 isometrics. It is the same positions as ISO Pump #2 with variations. Set 1 all the positions are for 1 min. each, sets 2,3 and 4 are for 30 seconds each as hard as you can, However all Lat isometrics are one minute. Set 5 is back to all positions 1 minute each. This workout is meant to be a workout by itself since it takes about 40 minutes to do. However, if you do 2 or more workouts per day, make this workout one workout, aerobics a second workout, weights or barbender, your choice as the third optional workout. That's just an example. You can do as many ISO Pump sets as you want, cramping lets you know its time to stop. NEVER do the exact same workout every day, change it up to keep the body confused as to what you are going to do each day (Muscle Confusion). Enjoy!

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  5. (Join Me!) Fitz combines Isometeric Pump # 2 (2 sets of 9 positions and 1 set with 10 positions, 1 minute each and no rest), with the first 5 sets of Barbender #21 with 2 min. rest intervals - a great 50 minute workout. Don't forget to keep your breathing in sync throughout and, as always, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Any questions message me or email at fitzhouston@yahoo.com.

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