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  1. The Eyestalkers are a colony of watchful eyes. They stare unblinking from their window out into the world, tracking all passersby walking to and from the city centre. The staring eyeballs on stalks are there as a visible manifestation of all the invisible surveillance people are walking into when they go into the city, like the many hidden cameras or systems tracking your phone.
    The Eyestalkers aim to create a tangible sense of being watched, to bring the surveillance out into the open, to create that necessary and warranted sense of paranoia that is lacking because of the elusive nature of modern surveillance. Because of their erratic, jerky movements they are real eyecatchers, so they are seen by all while seeing all.

    Music: Amon Tobin
    Track: Wires & Snakes
    Taken from "Bricolage"
    All credit go to the producer, Amon Tobin and his record label Ninja Tune.

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  2. Dumb window A/C units only give you two options: Leave the air on all day — while burning expensive electricity — or come home to nasty, stuffy summer heat. But not Aros; because Aros is smart. Part of the Quirky + GE collection of connected products, Aros gathers information about your budget, location, schedule, and usage. It learns from this data over time to automatically maintain the perfect temperature and maximize savings for your home. Using the Wink app on your mobile device, you can monitor, program, and control Aros from anywhere.

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  3. This project aims to blur the line between processes of design and fabrication in the context of rapid prototyping by increasing the fluidity of the fabrication process through coordinated material and robotic processes. The project exploits feedback loops that allow the process to be used as a live generative form-finding tool as well as a method for reification of designed objects.

    By injecting and suspending light-curing resin in a gelatinous medium, one is afforded the ability to shape freeform objects without the need for molds or other subtractive manufacturing processes that would otherwise be necessary. The gel acts as an omnidirectional support material which is reusable, so there is no wasted material.

    One major distinction between this project and other rapid prototyping processes is the ability to utilize 3D vector-based toolpaths. Virtually all other processes use paths generated via contouring a digital model, and rely on the hardening of each successive layer before being able to move on to the next.

    The suspension of resin in space without added support material allows for the ability to navigate and fabricate directly on and around other existing objects within the Gel, as well as the ability to observe the process from any angle. The suspension of time in this process allows for tool changes, manual injections, on-the-fly robotic injections, multi-material injections, live modification of the digital or physical model, and the ability to physically "undo" (resin removal via suction or scooping).

    Special thanks to Peter Testa, Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto, Devyn Weiser, and Kyle and Liz Von Hassln.

    SCI-Arc Fall 2012
    Testa Vertical ESTm Studio
    Instructor: Peter Testa / Brandon Kruysman / Jonathan Proto
    AT: Peter Vikar
    Project Leader: Brian Harms (
    Project Team: Haejun Jung / Vince Huang / Yuying Chen

    Music: "Baalbek" by Trifonic.

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  4. Behaviours of Light is a temporary installation that examines light, surface, and spatial experience through the convergence of digital projections and analogue constructs. The design of the piece fulfilled a requirement to transform an entire architectural space. Using a minimal budget, carefully selected materials, and two projection sources, the installation seeks to physically occupy a sliver of air space, while phenomenologically registering on the walls, ceiling, and floor of the designated location. To accomplish this, the work uses a suspended modular surface of translucent and semi-reflective triangles. Each unit acts as a tool to sculpt light, casting temporal geometries and caustics into its surroundings. The environment of Eckhardt Hall at the Winnipeg Art Gallery becomes not only the infrastructure work, but the essential register for these phenomena.

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  5. Fractures is a video mapping project for the light festival “luminale” in Frankfurt, Germany.

    The 3D object was designed by the architect, Dominik Groebler, and built out of different pyramids
    that are not connected to each other, and are mapped with one projector.
    The video animation which fits this object perfectly connects all the surfaces to one big screen.

    The three-minute video animation loop produced by Marko Roth will show you step-by-step how this big screen is built out of fractures.

    visual design by

    Marko Roth

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Creative Coding

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