1. Hello everybody :-)

    Here are some glimpses of Arcachon, in the South of France.

    Also, an occasion I could not miss to try out my new photo camera :-)



    PS: The music is Sujata's Theme by Cyril Morin.


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  2. Hello everybody !!!

    Last week I had to go to London.

    I took the train in Paris, and here I was, on my way. Before boarding the Eurostar, I thought : why not make a little travel clip ??

    I only had my photo camera ... but why not ??

    So here is my trip from Paris to London and impressions of the afternoon I spent walking around in London. In the early evening I unfortunately did not have any battery left anymore ... but this was also a blessing in disguise : indeed, I had now an excuse to sit down and to rest my feet a little. And I could enjoy watching London city life without having to think about filming ...

    This 14th of August was really a wonderful and inspiring day :-).

    Join the journey and plenty of good Paris - London energies to all of you !!!


    PS : all the soundtrack is by Vinnie Moore : Into the Sunset, Fly, Winter Sun. I really like his music :-).


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  3. "You ask me I dwell
    Amidst these jade-green hills?
    I smile. No words can tell
    The stillness in my heart.
    The peach-bloom on the water,
    How enchantingly it drifts!
    I live in another realm here
    Beyond the world of men."
    Li T'ai-po

    I made this video a little while ago. Let me share it with you with my thoughts from them. Indeed, I will now take a little break from my video channel to connect with my silence within. I wish you beautiful explorations without and within until I am back :-)

    One night my neighbors were partying. It was too loud to sleep, too loud to work or to read ... So I decided to look for silence by plugging my headphones into my computer, opening up Garage Band, and making a song there ... "Looking for Silence".

    I was also in this mood of looking within, finding this space within ourselves which is not conditioned by outside manifestations. Who are we? What is the relationship between "we" and the "skin we live in" ? How to experience freedom or space in situations where lots of things are imposed on us from outside and that can be very claustrophobic. Is it possible to find freedom in prison? In our bodies that we may not have chosen? Are we not all somehow emprisoned by the world? But are there also ways of being free there?

    So, I thought about our space within, this space that is always open and is never completely blocked by the situations through which it manifests. It is inside of us. At the same time we can witness it around us. Whenever I see space I am reminded of it ... and this is probably one reason I love to watch out of the window so much while flying. Watching the clouds and the world from above gives you this feeling of space and of being "above the clouds", above the limitations and constraints that hold us down.They are still there, but when you look down on them, you are not at their mercy anymore, and they just paint a beautiful scenery in front of your eyes.

    So, I remembered the cloud photographs I took last december when I had to go for a short journey to Barcelona. I had wanted to make a little video on the clouds from Brussels to Barcelona and back and to share some of these beautiful, grandiose and tranquile inspirations.

    Well, with my new song "Looking for Silence" which became "The Silence Within", I now had the soundtrack, so I set out to make this little video :-)

    It is about the skies, the clouds, the beautiful Pyrenee mountains and all the heavenly landscapes and inhabitants ... Amongst others, I even met a little dragon on my journey ... Do you also spot some inhabitants of the above in the video ??

    Connect with "The Silence Within" :-)

    Good and beautiful silent inspirations to all of you :-)


    PS: How much I would wish to know something about music. I will definitely have to find some time to devote to learning music, so that I can really freely express my inspirations - and silence - through sound :-) ... As the nowhere man repeats in "Yellow Submarine": "So little time, so much to know ..."


    "Life is not a void to be filled. It is a plenitude to be discovered." Christoph Eberhard

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  4. Hello everybody !!!

    This video is dedicated to my parents and my brother. I really love them very much. And they do too :-)

    Today was my birthday. We spent a nice day in Paris and concluded it with this beautiful cruise on the Seine.

    The fact of floating on the water and the day being my birthday made me think about life.

    It is interesting how as human beings we are a mix of so many aspects, nicer ones and uglier ones.

    The Buddha is said to have said that we should attempt everyday to create a beauty that has not existed yet.

    I like this inspiration and I try to live by it. How to create and share a beautiful life ??

    So that's why I illustrated this birthday cruise with a song by Georges Moustaki that I really love "Et pourtant dans le monde", "Although in the world". Here is the translation of the lyrics for those of you who do not understand French:

    You will say that I am wrong to sing
    Revolution and freedom
    That all this is useless
    That it is not for tomorrow

    Although in the world other voices answer me
    Although in the world ...

    You will say that I am wrong to dream thinking it is reality
    That we have to keep our eyes open and look at everything that is wrong
    Altough in the world other voices answer me
    Although in the world ...

    You will say that I am wrong to shout and to speak ou my truth
    That it is better to shut up or to lie, most of all to keep smiling
    Although in the world other voices answer me
    Although in the world ...

    You will say that I am wrong to speak of love as though it exists
    That it is only a mirage, an illusion which is not of our time anymore
    Although in the world other voices answer me
    Although in the world ...

    You will tell me that I am wrong or right. It won't make me change my song
    I give it to you as it is. You can do with it what you want
    Although in the world other voices answer me
    Although in the world ...

    It is not easy to live a beautiful life and to share it with the world ... but it is inspiring to try to do so :-)

    A BIIIG thank you to my family, from my parents to the whole human and cosmic family and beautiful life inspirations and good energies to all of you :-)



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  5. Hello everybody !

    I love the Grande Place in Brussels ! You can spend hours and hours there contemplating all the characters that live on its walls.

    It is a very inspiring place to be. It also raises your curiousness about all the symbols and to what they point to: an invitation in stone to explore what we are and what our lives are about :-) I felt it appropriate to accompany this discovery with extracts from Mozart's Zauberflöte (the Magic Flute), "Hm, hm, hm, hm' and "Isis and Osiris".

    Enjoy the contemplation and remember the proverb: "The sage points at the moon. The idiot looks at the finger."

    Good and beautiful inspirations to you :-)



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