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    A film about three generations of some of the best German snowboarders on a trip with splitboards through the Bavarian Alps.

    Getting back to the roots of soul snowboarding is what it's all about for Marco Smolla and his fellow German riders as they search for perfect pillow lines and powder.

    Marco Smolla
    David Benedek
    Christophe Schmidt
    Elias Elhardt
    Tobias Strauss
    Fips Strauss
    Luis Eckert
    Xaver Hoffmann

    Film by: We Make Them Wonder
    Aerial shots by: Christoph Thoresen
    Photography by: Hansi Herbig

    To find out more about this project check out the article on Red Bull: win.gs/1gcqhF6

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  2. *Update: Rob departed Hong Kong on 1st December. See if you can catch him along his route! thelifecycle.roblutter.com/roads/ *

    This is a short film based on the photography and writings of Rob Lutter.

    His project, The LifeCycle, is a global cycling tour from London to London and has so far taken him 2 years and 15,000km to Hong Kong - his half way point.

    Struggling with OCD and failing to find creativity at home, Rob left his home in England in 2011 alone by bicycle to find new life and meaning out on the open road.

    After a recent successful Kickstarter to 'kickrestart' his journey, Rob is preparing to embark on the second leg of his tour to continue forth to the UK which he expects to complete by 2016.
    The Life Cycle is also raising funds for mental health organisations OCD-UK (ocduk.org) and MIND (mind.org.uk)

    This is a mixed-media work incorporating Rob's photography in 3D space and footage shot on location in Hong Kong.

    Follow Rob on: thelifecycle.roblutter.com/
    Instagram: instagram.com/roblutter#
    Facebook: facebook.com/roblutter
    Twitter: twitter.com/robertlutter

    Directed, shot and edited by Edwin Lee
    Aerial cinematography by Will Clem
    Co-produced by Shawn Tse and Tom McLean

    'Waking Up' by M83
    'Feather on the Clyde' by Passenger (Stefan Biniak Private Remix)


    When I first read about Rob on PetaPixel, which led to his Kickstarter and The LifeCycle website, I was immediately drawn to his stunning photography and deep, philosophical journal entries. I've always believed travelling and adventuring as a means to self-discovery. But reading about his frustration and unhappiness at home, and the steps he took to alleviate that - by embarking on this adventure - was just as captivating. It mirrored a period of time I went through. I failed to embark on my own grand adventure due to 4 years of illness in my early twenties. Having recovered now and worked my way up like a dog in Hong Kong's media industry, I started to look back and yearned for that sense of adventure once again. My life today could have turned out different if I did take that adventure and may not have ended up in Hong Kong. Not necessarily for better or worse. Just different. Perhaps it was a fitting coincidence that Rob and I both worked in the film industries and us also hitting 30 this year.

    When I realised Rob was in Hong Kong, I just thought to myself, I needed to chat with this guy and delve into his mindset. Here was someone who just happened to be in my home town, on the precipice of his great second leg of his adventure. I had to find him. When I discovered Rob had previously worked in the film industry, and his love for M83 and the Cinematic Orchestra, an idea sparked in my head to make a video with him. The initial idea was cloudy at best - I didn't really have a solid pitch for Rob when we first met. I'm just glad we had similar music choices!

    A week earlier, a friend - who also loved photography and cycling - and I were discussing about her urge for change and hitting a creative impasse. Here was someone I thought who was already doing amazing work, so, it's dismaying to see someone lose direction. I struggled to find words of encouragement.
    So when I first encountered The LifeCycle, I thought Rob was a great example of someone who combined both elements and exhibited the passion for adventure and the push for change that was so galvanising.

    Then the idea of the film began to form into something tangible at least. I wanted to produce something to help Rob and his project, as well as in turn the charities he's assisting by doing it in the one way I know best.
    Rob's journal entries are deep and thought-provoking, and I wanted to incorporate his words into a narration piece that exemplified his passion for adventure, his thoughts on the universe and the inner demons he faced.
    I wanted to create a film that was a mix of documentary and hyper stylised film. I was also inspired by the YouTube videos based on the words of astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson (youtu.be/9D05ej8u-gU) and philosopher Alan Watts (Really, check them out if you haven't yet).

    This was a no-budget, non-commercial film; assisted by great friends, and fueled by the desire to create. I hope this collaborative film with Rob can motivate others to take that adventure they've always wanted; to make that leap into the unknown; and ultimately to not squander life.

    Sony FS100 24/60p
    Leica M lenses: 28mm f2.8, 50mm f.10, 100mm f2.8 (courtesy of ClassicalCameraShop.hk)
    GoPro HERO 3
    DJI Phantom quadcopter with Tarot T-2D gimbal

    Special thanks:
    Yann Chambrier

    Rob - thank you for your time, words and images. God speed.

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  3. In 1999, Was my frist trip to Nepal. I can say it totally change my life forward! I was born in the Alps and was so attracted by the himalayan mountains. I did the Annapurna circuit at that time with my best friend Oliver. I was looking for the tibetan culture , inspired by some adventurous person like Alexandra David Neels and Olivier Folmi .When you do the Annapurna circuit there is a small village called Kagbeni at a 3400meters of elevation. This is the entrance to an hidden valley called Mustang. This aera is a restricted aera . that means you are not allowed to get there without a special permit and a guide and a to be a group of a minimum of 2 person.
    We staied in there a couple of days , it has been probably my best moment ever . Since 1999, i visited Nepal almost 19th time and discovered several places but i always kept inside me to coming back to Kagbeni.

    So i finally find the right time to get there in May 2013. It was also a good chance to be trekking with my fellow friend and guide Deny. He was also excited to visit this new area.
    Here is the movie about this 10 days trekking we did in Upper Mustang. I was first suprised to see how the Annapurna circuit changed . Now it is possible to reach Kagbeni by bus or Jeep , making Kagbeni in a close future not as attractive as it was in the past . This trekking was amazing. First the landscape were outstanding , geology really similar to the Grand Canyon, it was really dry and colorful rocks.i also visited some of the most interesting monasteries i've seen in Himalayas . And get chance to assist at the creation of a sand Mandala. The highlight of this trek was the meeting of Yangchen , she is young local girl and invite Deny and me to stay with her and her family. It was a great experience and i will never forget it.
    If you need more information about this trekking , don't hesitate to contact me .
    Hope you will enjoy it.

    Music : Soundtrack from Samasara (L.Gerrard/M.Stern/M. Francisci)
    C2C : The Cell

    Shot with a 5DII.
    Edited with FCPX

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  4. By joining art and sport, we combine two great sources of vitality that have a very positive effect on personal growth. This state of well-being is crucial to cope with a long hard battling illness like Cancer. Cancer symptons may improve both at a physical (tiredness, fatigue) and psychological (anxiety, depression) level by expressing your emotions in a creative way and achieving a sense of freedom and self confidence. This is why we would like to open up your mind about Breast Cancer through the eyes of a sports professional, surfer Lucia Martiño, and an artist, illustrator Little Madi.

    DAKINE wanted to help this cause and has launched a Limited Edition collection in patnership with the "Keep a Breast" Foundation ( keep-a-breast.org/ ) . The sales of this collection will benefit KAB's support, education and prevention programs developed to eradicate breast cancer.
    More about the Limited Edition: eu.dakine.com/w/womens/keep-a-breast-collection

    Filming & Editing: Julien Mazard ( instagram.com/m_a_z_ )
    Music: Everydayz - L'Absence ( soundcloud.com/musicforeverydayz )

    Get to know more about Little Madi and Lucia Martiño:

    Follow us : facebook.com/DAKINEeurope

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  5. World Wingsuit Champion Espen Fadnes on the future of wingsuiting and the transition to life as a professional extreme sports athlete.

    Directed by: IS THIS IT
    Director of photography: FREDRIK SELLERGREN
    Music by: THIS IS HEAD (Songs: XVI & 0008)
    Sound: LJUDBYRÅN
    Produced by: PAUL GÖRANSSON


    © GOOVINN AB 2013

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Welcome to EOA (Endless Outdoor Adventure) daily. The Hub to most inspiring Hd videos carried out by outdoor adventure enthusiasts arround the globe.

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