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  1. Extract from DEEP/FLOAT - "AFTER LOVE" performed by SAÅAD


    With Hélène Rocheteau

    Directed by Grégoire Orio


    Produced by Sorry We Are Open

    DOP Manu Milhau
    Huge Thanks to Eddy Besse, Maxime Saindon & Pascaline.

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  2. 370 New World is a work on the new solitude created by the economic and social crisis which crossed the whole Europe in the last ten years.The human isolation which is displayed to the spectator is, by now, part of the everyday life of many people. The author thus introduces his creative work as a kind of mirror in which the spectator may recognise some details of his or her own life.

    Despite the video focuses on the new media, Lunardi does not want to make any accusation.The work, in fact, is placed beyond the commonplace debate which stigmatizes technology and the social networks.The author simply tries to put in evidence the different solitudes which surround the various characters who live in his work.

    The first solitude is imposed by an external circumstance, that is the economic crisis. The glances of the artisans, of the artists, of the workers are lost on a distant horizon, and lost into the research of a job which is, by now, disappeared.The crisis deprived them of their essence and they have freezed into a state of paralysis which transformed them into the living waste of an evolving society. New World focuses on the changes which are happening now, and which are happening too fastly to prevent people to break down.
    The other solitude represented in this creative work is the one generated when the new means of communication replaced the human relationships. The mechanism itself, and not the social networks, is negatively judged, because it gives people a powerful excuse for mutual indifference.

    They actually are important tools, but they are often used compulsively so that the individual finally lives emotionally detached from everyday life.By indulging into the screen’s light, we are released from the real problems of life and of living together.

    The work closes on a man who stubbornly seeds the asphalt. That peasant, with that peculiar gesture, strongly asserts his will to get back a certain concreteness, in the name of his link with the mother earth. Twisted, dried up, deprived of meaning, the earth is always there to prove our original essence of social and natural animals.The act of seeding becomes thus a fight against the asphalt which covers the square dominated by the monolith of an abandoned mill, which becomes the symbol of the industrial and economic decay.We do not know wether the peasant will win that unequal fight. But we do know that his battle is the only ethic choice possible.

    Marcantonio Lunardi

    Photography Director:
    Ilaria Sabbatini

    Tania Giannouli

    Deborah Di Ricco
    Jessica Di Ricco
    Matteo Felloni
    Gemma Nardini

    Bonaldi Marisa
    Ilaria Sabbatini
    Aldo Gottardo
    Deborah Bellini
    Diana Banti
    Chiara Bresciani
    Azzurra Ciccone
    Chiara Corveddu
    Deborah Costa
    Serena Del Carlo
    Deborah Di Ricco
    Jessica Di Ricco
    Matteo Felloni
    Silvia Ferrari
    Alice Granucci
    Janelle Manfredini
    Sara Milani
    Gemma Nardini
    Stefania Orlandi
    Sara Rudi Bonotti
    Alice Rugani
    Laura Martina Sabatino
    Rosa Senese
    Giorgio Soraggi
    Simona Tofan Raluca
    Tommaso Vettori
    Enza Colatutto
    Patrizia Caraffi
    Clemente Pestelli
    Cosimo Pestelli
    Francesca Nottoli
    Margherita Pestelli
    Giancarlo Castrucci
    Roberto Corso
    Gabriele Bartalena
    Lighting Technician
    Teatro Accademico di Bagni di Lucca
    Marco Petri

    Redroom Recording Studio (Pisa)

    Giulia Negrello


    Special Thanks:
    Maurizio Antonio Fontanini
    Ilaria Lippi
    Evelina Gasbarri
    Giordana Vj Giordz Guerriero
    Simone Boscolo
    Graziano Dovichi
    Francesca Maccarrone
    Massimo Betti
    Tommaso Sabbatini
    Michela Lombardi
    Maysa Monção
    Giacomo Cerrai
    Elena Di Martella Orsi
    Enza Colatutto
    In collaboration with
    Maurizio Antonio Fontanini
    Ilaria Lippi
    Toscana Film Commission
    Comune di Bagni di Lucca
    Teatro Comunale di Bagni di Lucca
    Classe 5B del Liceo delle Scienze
    Sociali Paladini/Machiavelli Lucca

    All rights reserved - Bagni di Lucca ©2014

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  3. Two years ago I made the video ‘Land of the Long Ears’
    Then I wrote:
    I saw a hare in the field. I crept cautiously towards him. Set my tripod down and shoot. It turned out to be three playing hares. It seems they didn't noticed me while I was sitting up. They came very close to me. One time straight towards me. Wonderful experience! Ferrie made a wonderful soundtrack for this video (

    It was great that a couple of weeks ago I had the same kind of experience again in exactly the same field. Here is the result, filmed with a Panasonic HC-V750. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did….

    Music: Dueto para violino e piano
    composition by Tales Botechia
    variation by ferrie = differentieel

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  4. Ever been to San Francisco? If not don't worry, please come and join me on this short journey. San Francisco has an amazing vibe with picturesque views, interesting people and very easy to get around. Inspired by Vincent La Foret after attending the superb directing in motion workshop in SFO, everything was captured and edited on my iPhone 5S + steadicam smoothee + miniatures app + iMovie app, I graded it using premiere pro and vision color on my PC.

    Music by Ludovico Einaudi ‘Divenire’ or for UK
    Check out my other short journeys
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    A Long Journey ‘London to San Francisco’
    Read More…
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  5. Director _ Benoit Millot _
    Images _ Benoit Millot et Sébastien Jousse
    Montage_ Franck Littot
    Ingénieur du son_ Arnaud Devillers
    Graphisme After Effect_ Antonin Waterkeyn
    Musique_Cezame music agency_
    Production_Tulipes & Cie _Charles Drouin & Christophe Arnaud_
    Client_Champagne Collet
    5D Mark III _ anamorphic lens ISCORAMA 2004

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