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  1. Timelapse réalisé par Yann Muncy à Paris durant l'été 2014

    Musique : M83 - Fearful Odds (Oblivion Soundtrack)
    Photos : flic.kr/s/aHsk2cRB2i
    500px : 500px.com/DiDiAbaric

    Matériels :
    Canon EOS 6D
    Canon EF IS II USM 16 - 35 mm f/2.8 série L
    Canon EF IS II USM 70 - 200 mm f/2.8 série L

    Logiciels :
    LRTimelapse 3 lrtimelapse.com/
    After Effect CC adobe.com/fr/products/aftereffects.html
    Virtual Dub + MSU Deflicker compression.ru/video/deflicker/index_en.html
    AVID - Media Composer avid.com/FR/products/family/Media-Composer

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  2. Available for Licensing in up to 5K
    There is no better Sky than in the Atacama Desert - especially at the outstanding ESO Observatories. Men's outpost to Space Observation - especially Cerro Paranal is for sure a Modern Stonehenge.

    Whenever I watch this Vid I get reminded about how marvelous an unspoiled Night Sky looks - and how silent the Atacama is. While we set up Equipment we are all busy, but at the Moment when everything is programmed and the Cameras start to capture the Moments all over the Night and Day, it is time to relax and enjoy seeing the Sun dive from the Desert Sky into the Pacific.

    These are the most beautiful Sunsets you usually only see from an Airplane at 10000 m... colorful, striking, mind bending - these olors of the Sky burn into your brain forever.

    And then, when you think that these epic Moments can never be beaten again by something else, the Stars come up, sparkling, twinkling, glittering, like Diamonds, followed by the Southern Sky Milky Way, that seems so bright and brilliant (Eye adaption!), that you can see your own Shadow on the Ground.

    And while you walk around or just lay on the Ground, you realize you don't need a flashlight.

    The Starlight illuminates the Environment for you. It is ancient Light, so precious - yet we waste it with our light polluted Cities.

    The Starry Sky above, the Red Desert below, it feels like being on Mars, close to Space, and you get lost, wondering where our place in the Universe is. And how small we and our Problems in fact are.

    Later, driving back from somewhere remote out in the Desert, the 4x4 set to parking Lights to not disturb the Observatories, you can even see the Milky Way from inside the car (what about a convertible next time ;). driving to locations trough the wide open, lonely Desert at Night, one can easily navigate with the Stars, and one can clearly see the Magellanic Clouds behind the Steering Wheel. it's simply awesome - always makes me feel like riding a little Space Ship.

    All these feelings are simply overwhelming, and all I can do is my best to share them with this little Video.

    So put up the Volume (or watch mute with your own Music of choice) and enjoy a collection of great and unique Day to Night to Day transitions from the #ESOUltraHD Expedition (eso.org/public/outreach/ultra-high-definition/) combined with some great Moby Tracks - I love the tunes. Thanks to Mobygratis.com - awesome!

    Some other facts:

    The #ESOUltraHD Expedition meant: Three ESO Observatories in two Weeks, Cerro Paranal, ALMA, La Silla, from 2000 to 5000 m Altitude. Quite a task, but we made it thanks to a great team.

    I left most of the Transitions at their original Speed (25 fps) for Visual Enjoyment. No Rush. And while watching, you discover a lot of (atmospheric) Phenomena and Sky Objects in there... to name a few: Cosmic Rays ("Cosmics" - white pixel streaks), Meteor Persistent Trails, Airglow, Satellites, Airplanes, Atmospheric Gravity Waves... And no - yes I get these questions but I don't mind - no UFOs. None that I know of. There is some unavoidable Camera shake in some of the Segments, well, after all it can be very windy and stormy in the Atacama, and there is not much you can do about it. Not much shelter in that open Landscape.

    Filmed with:
    Canon 1DC and 6D
    AFS Nikon 14-24/2.8, 24-70/2.8 and Sigma 8/3.5 Circular Fisheye using custom made Novoflex EOS/Nik NT Adapters
    Controlled with:
    GBTimelapse and mechanical Aperture Stepping - True Holy Grail!
    Autonomous Operation at up to 5000 m Altitude... for up to 20 hours
    Novoflex Tripods
    Intecro Power banks
    Peli Cases
    Vaude Gear
    Emotimo TB3s
    Vixen Polarie
    MacBook Air and Retina (up to 5050 m Altitude)
    Color Grading with LRTimelapse and LR5, rendered with AE CC
    Lightning fast data transfers with Angelbird SS2Go's
    Fast & smooth rendering with my MacBookPro Retina and iMacs
    Cut & Edit with FinalCutProX using CoreMelt and FlickerFree

    Observatories: Cerro Paranal, ALMA, La Silla.

    Thanks to Herbert Zodet, Babak Tafreshi, Yuri Beletsky and Lars Lindberg Christensen and my Family and many Friends and Supporters for making this happen. Many many thanks to Mike Posehn for making the invisible visible and the impossible possible.

    Christoph Malin

    PS: Watch the Meteor Persistent Trail at 58:02 above Cerro Paranal

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  3. A personal project I spent the last 2.5 years on: collecting shots from local interesting or funny things on my business trips to certain corners of the world. As expected, I found many differences, but surprisingly also a lot of commonalities!

    This video links the many places I visited together in a special way, and I hope you like the fact that sometimes you do not immediately notice that the next shot is almost 12.000km away, although it looks very similar ;-)

    Krystian Shek (on twitter: @krystianshek) took the challenge to compose an original soundtrack for this endeavor which has one common theme, but also gives a local flavour, many thanks for that big effort Krystian! Have a look at his other songs on his website also: thaidust-music.com or on iTunes.

    follow me on twitter: @gunmac

    For those of you interested in the details, here we go:
    We enter a taxi in Shanghai which brings us to Singapore, where we watch the Marina Bay laser show from Asia's highest rooftop bar. The Skyscraper silhouette beams us to Houston, where pelicans find a home in Galveston Beach around oil rigs - we fly with the pelicans to Miami South Beach, where crazy cars directly get us to Dubai. The first rays of sunrise above the United Arab Emirates beam us directly to Nashville, US. Funky animals get us right to Malaysia, Kuantan. Fastfood is the key to brings us back to New York, US. The wall street raging bull has a twin in Shanghai, which is why we are beamed back to China - via cell phones we get back to Singapore, where we started our journey.

    All shot on the various cam's I possessed over the last 2.5 years, the Lumix GH1, GH2 (both hacked), a GoPro Hero 3 black edition and finally the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

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  4. Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality.

    Cityscape Chicago II is a personal timelapse piece that I have worked on periodically over the past two years. The inspiration behind the project ties similarly with the original piece. As the city of Chicago continues to change, my fascination with it grows as well. The goal for me is always to capture the city in a unique way from new perspectives, and to continue exploring it.

    If you are interested in prints from Cityscape Chicago II, please visit my Redbubble!

    The timelapse sequences in this video were all shot on the Canon 5D Mark III and various lenses. Motion control used in the making of the piece was provided by the Kessler CineDrive and Second Shooter.

    "Signaling Through the Flames" by 'The American Dollar' | facebook.com/theamericandollar


    Copyright: Eric Hines Photography

    Licensing Details - Available in 4K

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  5. Shainblumphoto@gmail.com

    ITS OUT, WATCH IT HERE! vimeo.com/63804783

    ADD ME ON FACEBOOK & 500px for more timelapse, photography and behind the scenes!

    San Diego is the city where I was born and grew up. It has a true place in my heart and whenever I spend too much time away from this city, I miss it greatly. San Diego is an amazing place with incredible beauty. This is what my new timelapse film will capture. The beauty of San Diego and the amazing views that make the city so great.

    Filmed & Edited By: Michael Shainblum

    Timelapse Motion Gear By

    Music By Radical Face (Ben Cooper)

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    I present my latest work, a timelapse is the result of the collection of all sequences performed nightly on my trips to the Canary Islands in the past four years. ( 2011-2014 ) .


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