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  1. By Donia Liechti:
    By Vicky Penzes:

    A 3D film starring a stranded man who tries to make the best of his situation by building shelter
    and scavenging for food. A silly seagull has other plans. After enraging the man, they engage in a
    chase which lands them both in an unexpected place.

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  2. A short animation created by Dan Solomon and Hyun Jun Song at the School of Visual Arts.


    STORY - Dan Solomon, Hyun Jun Song
    ANIMATION - Dan Solomon
    MODELING - Hyun Jun Song
    TEXTURING - Hyun Jun Song
    PREVIZ - Dan Solomon
    LAYOUT - Hyun Jun Song
    RIGGING - Tom Szenher
    2D ANIMATION - Zack Lydon
    2D FX - Hyun Jun Song
    LIGHTING - Dan Solomon
    COMPOSITING - Dan Solomon
    ADDITIONAL MODELS - Yu Hai Shen, Ellen Su, Stephanie Lin, Ryan Chong, Eunju Hyun, Na Ha
    ADDITIONAL 2D FX - Alexandra Barsky
    ADDITIONAL RIGGING - Eric Cunha, Dan Solomon
    CONCEPT ART - Hyun Jun Song, Dan Solomon, Haejung Park
    DYNAMIC SIMULATIONS - Diana Kim, Brian Pak, Dan Solomon

    SCORE - Hyperduck Soundworks
    SOUND DESIGN - Bob Kessler, Alcove Audio Productions

    Big thanks to everyone who made this possible!

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  3. "The Tumblies" are an animated stop-motion series for a pre- school audience (ages 2-5). The Tumblies are colourful characters each made out of three or four separate discs, placed on top of each other. These discs are not fixed to one another, so a Tumbly can fall apart. Which often leads to slapstick-like and playfull scenes. The simple, short and dynamic sketches are very close to the target audiences' own experience in play. The colourful Tumblies discover the world playfully.

    De Tumblies is een vrolijke kleuter animatieserie over vier kleurige, bijzondere karakters die bestaan uit twee, drie of vier losse schijven. Voor je het weet vallen de Tumblies uit elkaar. Dit leidt tot de nodige avonturen en komische situaties die de Tumblies spelenderwijs oplossen. 
    Elke dag te zien bij KRO Kindertijd.

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  4. Here's a little edit of the Science Club animations

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  5. After winning the pitch (together with FunJob) for the creation of the new idents for NICK, we jumped into an ambitious project by proposing an idea based on a mix of techniques to obtain a different result. That’s how we set out to create each ident by using the frame-by-frame animation technique first and then modelling each of them in 3D. This gave the idents a handmade appearance and allowed us to win absolute freedom in the transitions. All of this was based on an extremely minimalistic art direction and a set of great characters designed by FunJob, and received the finishing touch with the spectacular audio created by Norman Bambi.

    More about the work at:

    Art & Motion Direction: Plenty
    Art Direction: Pablo Alfieri
    Motion Direction: Mariano Farias
    Character Restyling: Claudio Iriarte & Yesica Pogorzelsky
    2D Traditional Animation: Jules Guerin & Claudio Iriarte
    3D Modeling: Juan Martin Miyagi & Lautaro Gonzalez
    3D Texturing & Lighting: Daniel Bel, Jules Guerin & Sebastian Curi
    Postproduction: Matias Mastrogiano & Sebastian Curi
    Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias
    Production: Inés Palmas
    Year: 2013
    Special Thanks to Andres Reisinger, Hernan Estevez & Elda Broglio for the Pitch Process.

    Creative Direction: FunJob
    Scripts & Character Design: FunJob
    Sound Design: Norman Bambi

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Lineboil - Boiling Hot Character Animation

Aaron Simpson feeds you boiling-hot animated videos every day, and all we ask for in return is your soul. A fair shake if there ever was one.

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