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  1. Angus Clark is a Tai Chi expert having studied and practiced for more than 30 years. This new multimedia guide to learning Tai Chi brings the art to a wide new audience in an accessible format. It follows on from the release two years ago of his first DVD ‘Move For Your Life’.

    The production is a collaboration between Angus, musician Tom Green and film maker Annabel Allison. The result is two DVD discs and one CD audio guide with specially composed Tai Chi music, giving a total of over five and a half hours of film and sound. The audio guide will also be released on iTunes, as will an album of Music for Tai Chi by Tom Green. The video will also be released on iTunes early in 2012.

    The Tai Chi audio guide CD with specially composed Tai Chi music helps make this package an unrivalled and invaluable resource for learning Tai Chi; perfect for beginners, and inspiring for experienced players.

    On the DVD Angus gives clear instruction with front view and player’s position for individual postures and full form sequences from the world renowned Cheng Man-Ching and Dr. Chi Chiang-Tao sequences of Tai Chi.

    The DVD is available from and

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  2. Angus Clark: Every posture in tai chi is a combination of seven basic qualities. Central to these qualities is the concept of yin and yang, the forces of change and harmony. Like yin and yang, the basic qualities of tai chi are almost all polarities: open and closed, full and empty. The exception is the seventh, central equilibrium. Consciousness of these seven qualities pervades every aspect of a posture. They are the focus of the mind, they are expressed in the movements, and they are the message communicated through the very spirit of the posture.

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  3. Angus Clark: It is important from the very beginning of the form to work at developing awareness. Begin this position by taking in the room, landscape or cityscape in which one is practising, and thinking about the body's place in the space it occupies. Take as long as necessary to focus fully on the present. The first step connects the body with the earth. It is followed by a sequence of movements describing a cycle that draws up and in, then returns to the earth. The movements are performed slowly and rhythmically in an unbroken flow.

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  4. Angus Clark: Ward Off is a bouncy, spring like energy that comes from within. It’s really good to get the feel of this rather than experiencing it as something hard and solid that keeps something away. In fact it’s quite the opposite – in pushing hands ward off is the posture that you use to meet the other person’s energy so you want it to be soft, sensitive and bouncy. Ward Off Right is not a mirror image of its predecessor. It uses a different shape. They’re both ward off but slightly different expressions. A bit like ice-cream – one’s vanilla, one’s strawberry!

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  5. Angus Clark: This is one of four primary postures. Rollback can receive or absorb a strike or push from an opponent, and offer a simultaneous counter. It teaches how to draw boundaries and hold one's space; and how to earth awkward incoming energy. As you begin, extend your awareness southeast along the diagonal. Let your mind travel with the spiralling, rolling movement, which gathers from the front right (southeast), carries back and releases.

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Living Movement

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"Welcome to Living Movement. If you are interested in learning tai chi or qigong, or in applying tai chi or qigong in a specific way, you’ve come to the right place! Week by week, we post videos of each of the movements

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"Welcome to Living Movement. If you are interested in learning tai chi or qigong, or in applying tai chi or qigong in a specific way, you’ve come to the right place! Week by week, we post videos of each of the movements in the tai chi short form, as well as qi gong exercises. The Tai Chi short form videos were directed by Annabel Allison, with music by Tom Green. We hope you enjoy them. We're based in Chagford, Devon, UK and work locally, nationwide and in Europe. If you’d like to get in touch then you are most welcome - just send us a message. Ever since starting to study tai chi and qigong in 1981 I have been inspired by the simplicity, practicality and beauty of its principles and recognise the tremendous potential in applying these to real life. Living Movement has evolved as part of my own journey and as a way to help you to explore, expand and apply these fabulous principles of movement and mindfulness" - Angus Clark
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